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Linking A Power Amp To Another Amp

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I am pretty new so please bare with me.


I am venturing out on my own once again and after 15 years things have changed a bit, its all digital and a lot more advanced than it used to be.


Basically I have 1000watt digital power mixer and another 1600watt amp, I am running two 600watt top speakers and 2 800watt bass bins.


This is the first power mixer I have used and I love it, but I want to make sure when i connect the other amp, i am doing it correctly and do not blow everything up.


the outputs on the power mixer (not the output jacks to speakers, i am not that daft) I have are: Mixer output (left and right) and records phono jacks (left and right). I am assuming these could be use to connect to the inputs (left and right) to the amp.


sorry if i am being a little thick here, this is pretty new to me. I have always used in the past a separate mixer and 1 amp.


thanks in advance




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Mixer Outputs or Master Outputs are better for connection to a power amp.


Record Outputs will still work, however record outputs tend to be at a much lower level (sensitivity) than mixer / master jack outputs, meaning there will probably be a big difference in the volume between the speakers driven directly from the Mixer and the ones driven from the external amp


So, I would stick to connecting the External amplifier by using the main 'L' and 'R' mixer jack outputs from the Mixer, rather than the ones marked for 'Record' - this way the sound levels will stay fairly matched.

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