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Morning everyone,


I am about to start providing a karaoke in a new venue and one of there requests was that I must have a book of songs, easy request i know but the thing is that the other two venues i do karaoke at I just let the singers search for what ever song they want on my second laptop that I have on stage, no need for books.


I could of course create a song book with all the disks I have in my collection but the result would be a very thick book with lots of songs that people just dont sing.


Does anyone use a programme that can tell them the top 500 songs that are used so I can make a mini book just to dish out and still have my laptop set up for more obscure requests ?





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I sat down and typed all my listings out into Excel. I must point out this did take a very long time indeed. Now I am up to date I only have to add the new ones in as and when I get them.


I did lose faith in the capacity of being able to type every single disc out so did use this software to generate the last 20 discs:




Worth every penny !



Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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The Karaoke Song List Creator software is indeed an excellent buy and will save you many hours worth of time. However please note that the poor level of customer service from the company who distribute the software has previously been highlighted and complained about several times on here, and a google search will also find you mucho unhappiness.



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