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Just curious as to why I would need or use an MP3 Tagging program? Also what does it do for me? Do I have to manually put in all the track info? Sorry if this is a basic thing but new to this and can't get my head round it.


Any help would be great.




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It would normally be used to automatically tag raw unnamed files when converting from a CD / CD Album to MP3 or other Digital file formats. This is obviously far faster than typing in the tags manually, especially when converting large music collections.


There are many different programs which will do this, a quick search of the forum will probably find you some earlier discussions and recommendations if you are actively looking for software.

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I use Tag&Rename.


Excellent program that will also batch tag files.


An example where I found it incredibly useful -


When I first switched to being a "digital DJ" I spent a hell of a lot of time ripping all my cd's to mp3. Part of my folder structure is to use genres i.e. decades which are then split into further sub-folders such as 90's Britpop, 90's Dance etc.


So, in my 90's Dance folder, there are about 150 big tunes in there. If I had to manually edit every single track and change the genre to "90s Dance" you can imagine it will takes hours, but using Tag&Rename took me literally about 15 seconds.


Take the example further and say you have 15,000 tracks in your library which you want to tag.....



Dance Sounds Disco


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