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Levels For Bass Bin And Speakers

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Hi all, got my 2 actives speakers running from my active bass bin outs xlrs....what volume level should all 3 be at using the volume button on the back of each one, ie should the bass bin be at full volume and the speakers half way, or should bass bin be half way and speakers be at full volume, or should all 3 be full volume and just control from mixer ? Cheers for any help

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Be very careful here.


The "volume controls" are gain attenuators and they vary widely in their use on active speakers. By setting these incorrectly you could over drive your speakers and end up blowing them.


You are probably aware that you should never run any of your gear above 0db. On some actives, the attenuator in 12 o'clock position will be 0db, and turned fully clockwise can be up to +10db. Other actives when turned up fully, don't go past 0db.


I would recommend you try and find out where the 0db position is on your speakers, set the bass cabs to 0db then adjust the top cabs to a level that sounds balanced.


And as the night progresses and you get louder, always keep a regular watch on the clip lights.



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