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Absolute Newbie!

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Hi Everyone!!


I am a newbie to DJing! All I have is home software while I am learning!


I ideally would like to be using chart music! i.e. mixing Ne-Yo with Connor Maynard!


These songs generally do not have long intros or outros! Would you suggest getting extended remixes of these songs to mix with or using the loop facility???


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am a complete newbie!!





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Hi Sam


I suppose extended intro/outros are fine to use while you are learning and practising.


However in a "typical" gig environment such as a Birthday or Wedding, I would generally use a normal length track and set up cue points and a loop, the length of which really depends on the track.

I find people get bored of extended tracks very easily and after 7 minutes of the same record you could easily clear a full dancefloor.

I frequently use remixes, especially at proms or younger/teen parties but I tend to go for the shorter remix or I chop/mix out of it after a few minutes.




Dance Sounds Disco


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I have to agree with Fester, extended mixes, remixes etc are great for learning to mix, however you will find getting most tracks that people are used to listening to on the radio and their now albums are different than the extended mixes and don't go down very well.


If your planning on doing partys, weddings etc I'd stick to standard radio edits, 99% of the time your not gong to be beat matching anyway as bpms are all over the show and you will constantly have strange fast or slow sounding tracks.


Good luck!

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