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Hi All,


We've recently purchased a RCF active Pa (2x 312 tops and a 705as sub)


We've always used passive systems with built in crossovers so havent had to worry about cross over frequenices and levels.


My question to you is what frequency should I cross the sub over at, 80 or 120? Also where should we set the volume pot at on the subs and on the tops?


My reason for these questions is I used the PA for the first time properly on Saturday and the sub level was set at the very first notch so it didn't clip, does this sound like a fault or are the levels on the mixer set too high?


Any help once again is appreciated!





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That's what I've done and I am happy with the sound, my concern is the sub may have a fault as there seems to be too much current going into the amp even at the 8 o'clock mark the limiter light came on a couple of times! I was nowhere near peaking on the mixer either.


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I've read that the attenuators markings on some RCF actives can be a bit misleading. Some have proper db markings, some don't.

You need to set the pots to 0db, if it's marked up properly this is obviously easy. If not then it's usually at the 12 o'clock position but try and find out the exact position on your particular model.


If you have the pots set too low you risk pushing too much signal into the amps in order to get the volume, this can lead to a square wave being fed into the amp and potentially causing damage.

Set them too high and you run the risk of over driving the speaker. I know they are supposed to have protection but believe me, it is still definitely possible to over drive it. I've read several reports and photos of over driven speakers in active rcf's.


As always, most importantly, never run your mixer above 0db. And of course keep a regular check on the cabs for clip lights.



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