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Hello all


I am a youth leader and we currently do discos and talent shows using some equipment that some other leaders have but we are looking at how we can improve the general atmosphere with the lighting features of DMX. We have done some fundraising as we are a charity and have now got of meagre pot ready to spend.


I quite like the idea of using a PC based system which we can link up to the equipment on the site we use and the volunteer equipment which is currently generally aimed at disco style feeling and I feel I could have a good base of programmes and flexibility set up using a USB system which i can work with than a manual board may have. Does anyone have any experience with this and can suggest any specific products. I have seen demos of the ADJ MyDMX 2.0 which looks fairly easy to pick up.


I would like to have a bank of moving head spots for the gig feeling and also to be able to use to put light in specific locations but feel these are quite expensive at times. I feel it may be more suitable to our needs to get a pair or quad of scanners which again linked into the DMX if placed properly in the hall can both work as Spots when we have a band playing or even add effects as you see at larger gigs and then be used for more general use in discos. I have seen some acme winner scanners or some soundlab on eBay which should facilitate this looking around online and as they will generally be used infrequently with movement around various site as being equally infrequent I am not as concerned about robustness as a more active mobile DJ may be at this stage.


We are hoping that as we get more into this we will be able to raise money by renting ourselves out so I will be back in the future for advice on this I am sure.

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Great introduction, you seem to go about things the right way at the moment.

I would agree with going for scans, although they aren't quite as versatile as movers, they will do everything you need them to do.

Steer away from the soundlab kit, it's cheap, budget, unreliable cack. Winners are a much superior scanner, make sure you go for the 250w version but if possible I would try and find some 150 or 250 msd (discharge) effects within your budget.





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Steer away from the soundlab kit, it's cheap, budget, unreliable cack


Don't sit on the fence about it Craig :D , you get it off your chest lol!


I must admit that I will have to disagree as I am ashamed to admit that in a moment of weakness I bought (rather than got out of a Christmas cracker) a few Soundlab effects in years gone by, which are now several years old, and other than bulbs they haven't needed much attention other than suffer general wear and tear. Just lucky I guess :cool:


I'm led to believe that since NJD closed its Nottingham factory and got bought out by Electrovision that Soundlab and NJD is actually made in the same offshore factories. I may be wrong, but that is the rumour on the street for some time now, if it is true then either Soundlab has improved or NJD has deteriorated :D - either way, whatever you buy will tend to all come with exactly the same 12 month warranty, unless you spend mega bucks on professional stage and club equipment.


We are hoping that as we get more into this we will be able to raise money by renting ourselves out so I will be back in the future for advice on this I am sure.


It all depends on how often the equipment gets used and your budget to be honest. If its only occasional use, and its going to be fixed rather than constantly carried around in the back of a car, then the budget brands will probably easily see out their warranties :D however if its nightly use then you will need to buy something more expensive.


I can't comment on the DMX aspect, as a lone DJ operating in the mobile environment, I tend to have to busy myself taking requests from guests, liasing with the Bride and Groom, dealing with drunks and generally planning the next few tracks rather than operating lights and so they tend to just be daisy chained and synchronised in master-slave operation, and left to their own devices!. Given your main intended drama based application you may be better asking the question on a stage / drama / theatrical based forum.


At the end of the day, in candid honesty, most guests at mobile functions really won't know or notice the difference between DMX and Sainsbury's as their main focus beyond gossiping with friends and family is generally the bar and dancefloor and the won't care whether you spent 3 days carefully choreographing your lightshow, or whether its running through its factory programs :D if you've ever attended a wedding or family function as a guest I doubt you'd seen guests sat for hours, mesmerised with their eyes fixed on the DJ's lightshow!


So by all means, use and invest in the DMX aspect in respect of shows and drama productions, but in the longer term I wouldn't bother carting van loads of DMX equipment around to the average Wedding or 50th Birthday it really won't be noticed, especially in a venue with a smoke machine ban, and 700w of cold white Fluorescents left still burning at the back of the room!. (which describes about 80% of the social clubs, hotel function rooms and village halls that I work in!)

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Steer away from the soundlab kit, it's cheap, budget, unreliable cack.


I've had my soundlab colourscans for a few years now and have been really pleased with them. Came with their own flightcase and everything. They have proved more reliable than my Martin lighting, which I have had to get rid of apart from my Acrobat.



Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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