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hi there is a few things i want to ask as I'm a novice mobile dj not done any gigs yet just want to start up ill be running all my music from my laptop and a external hard drive.


i have a behringer pmp1280s powered mixer http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/PMP1280S.aspx and also 2 prosound 500 watt speakers

do any one know if these are any good ?


also what wireless microphones do you think would be good that's not to dear I have been looking at 2 lots from maplin

Twin VHF Wireless Handheld Radio Mic System



Twin UHF Professional Handheld Wireless Mic System


do you recomend any others or are these ok ?


also is i need some lights for djing do you know of any good ones i have been looking at these ones though

Lex DJ lighting :cense:469:cense: RGB DJ Light Disco Laser LIGHTS Disco Room Filler


Lex DJ lighting TRILEX RGB DJ Light Disco Laser LIGHTS


Lexdome 6 - Dj Light ,Led And full DMX.Disco laser light for Djs Lights & Laser


and i think ill be using ots for the softwere on my laptop

and last of all where do you all keep up-to-date with all the latest release that comes out

Thanks damian


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