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Help Needed Toa250f Amp

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We have one of these amps and it has been great for the past 4 years but has now died.


Its a 4 x 250W 1U digital amp made needless to say by TOA and we used it for stage monitors. One reason for buying it was that it was described as having four discreet channels where if one channel died the remainder were unaffected.....however....


It was working fine but this time when we turned it on the power light came on but nothing else. We've checked the internal fuses but cannot get circuit diagrams or find anyone except TOA who know anything about it and their quote to even look at it is crazy! Indicative repair costs from them would make it a throw away which is a shame for something where there would seem to be a simple fault with something common to all channels.


Does anyone have circuit diagrams, suggestions or know somebody who could do an economic repair?

Megasong A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In theory it'll be fine in practise.... In practise it was fine in theory.
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