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Posted 01 June 2013 - 12:47 PM

Hi, I am not a DJ (in terms of paid professional) but I do like to 'dabble' at home.

One of my really good friends is getting married but they are doing the whole thing on a really really tight budget so as friends we are all trying to help out and I have offered to do the disco for them.

I want to get as organised as possible so that I can easily get music going but also step away at times to enjoy the party.

Can anyone suggest some playlists, or sets of songs which work well together at weddings? Obviously I want to ensure the guests all have a good time and the music is attractive. We are all a group of 25-35 year olds, plus the older relatives but the core are in that age range.

Any help would be really appreciated, I want this to be a success for them but just need some help pulling it together.


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 01:29 PM

Playlists of course, change week in - week out as new music is released and the charts change, however there are of course the older classics for functions with mixed aged groups which will generally always work for events such as Weddings.

Here are a few examples of other members' playlists posted over the years which include a wide genre of music from the last 40 years - the classic timeless stuff which generally works for all functions with young and old attending, perhaps you can get some ideas from them?


Obviously you can use some of the chart stuff which is current today

Most Professional DJ's also ask their client to supply a playlist prior to the actual event, this helps the DJ to get an idea of what music the Bride and Groom are into and the type of age group attending, I personally also place a few professionally printed request slips on tables and around the bar area, so guests can also make their requests to be during the night, for inclusion.

Everybody is different, as are their musical tastes, and i've come across young people asking for older classics and older people asking for chart stuff there is no set pattern or written rule as to what you should play and when you should play it, and you can't just play to one set age group, so you can only play it by ear on the actual night and gauge the reaction of the crowd and dancefloor and play to / change it accordingly.

But you are going to need a wide and varied music slection available, most professionals carry 10,000's or even 100,000's of tracks with them to every gig, because you never know what is going to be asked for in a room full of 100+ people of different ages.

I'm assuming (hoping!) you already know what the B&G's first dance is going to be and have it ready?, and if there are any other requirements?.

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