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Kam Or Peavey Help

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Hi, I was looking at a pair of KAM EXTREME 15'S and a pair of PEAVEY PRO 15'S both second hand around the same price, The kams are rated at: 350w rms 700w peak 8ohms, the peaveys 300w rms 600w program 1200w peak 4ohms.


My amp is rated at: 410w rms 8ohms, 660w rms 4ohms


hooked up parallel


What set of speakers would be best to run this amp from? The kams would be perfect and the peaveys would have more of a kick due to more watts?

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There is more to speakers and a sound system than watts :D you also need to compare the 'SPL' levels of each of the speakers, SPL is usually expressed in 'DB' figures, and this shows the actual efficiency of the speaker at converting electrical energy from the Amp into sound waves which reaches the ears of your audience.


Most DJs just think that throwing lots of watts at the problem will make it go away and that 400w will sound twice as loud as 200w but in relation to sound, it doesn't quite work like that, it also depends on how well the speaker converts the wattage into usable sound and this is where the SPL figures are important and why they should be taken into account.


For example, a speaker running 300W with an SPL of 126db can actually sound louder than a speaker running at 400w with an SPL of 95db. In addition, a higher SPL figure, generally points towards a higher quality speaker, simply because its been designed to be more efficient at turning your amplifiers' energy into actual sound.


So although Watts do play a part in the equation, its not the end of the story, the SPL figures should always be noted and compared, and if it comes down to a shortlist or a tie break between two speakers with a similar wattage rating, I would always make the decision based on which of the two, had the better / higher SPL.


I haven't compared the SPL figures for either speaker, but I suspect the Peavey's will win on that :D either way its something you should check and compare.


Always buy the speakers with the highest combined wattage and SPL figures that your budget can afford, and sometimes it is okay to sacrifice a few watts in return for a much higher SPL.


Both speakers should be fine on your amplifier, just to careful not to overdrive the amplifier and run it into clipping.

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thanks for the info, :) i didn't know that about the SPL, in future i will look this up when buying a new set of speakers.



Kams SPL 96db

Peavey SPL 98db


so not much of a difference, the price new for both, kams are at £370 new and the peaveys £300. both pairs are at £150 each on gumtree local, these will only be bought for back up


the peaveys i seen seem to be in better condition, bought from new and only used twice so the guy says and the others are about 4 year old and the guy says he's used them about 5 times on a 2x 400w amp


the only reason i will buy the kams will be for the 8ohms rating so i could hook up my other set of 8ohms


i don't know what pair to buy :wall: lol

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Personally, i'd go for the Peavey's


But thats just me :D

"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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see i like the look of the kams but it's not all about looks, its what's inside that counts haha :D.

i think the peaveys will last longer and repair replacements will be much easier to get a hold of, that hits the nail on the head, peavey it is then :D

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