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Having A Nightmare Someone Please Help

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Help please I have the dj kit a laptop numark Dj i0 soundcard A numark mix track 2 (arriving tomorrow) a pulse amp and pulse speakers but no idea how to put the lot together have done what I think is right the there is hardly any sound out of the speakers and nothing comes out of the headphones . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong have tried so many things but all no good thanks

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Perhaps if you explain exactly what you have done in detail it might be easier to help you.

Dont worry about embarrassing yourself if the answer is simple,we have all done it.


What software are you using?

Do you have a ground loop isolator

Check out youtube.There is a good instruction vid for using the djio


This is not a rehearsal

This is it - grab it while you can.

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"The voice of the devil is heard in our land"


'War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left, and you wont win this war.'

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