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Any Ideas To Liven Up A Crowd

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Hi everyone

Firstly Happy New year to you all. I,am looking for ideas on how to liven up a disco crowd. I did a 21st Last week and the crowd were very hard to please. I played music from all eras as there was lots of mixed aged people and the playlist i received from the client was easy enough to get through and handled all requests ok too. The crowd seemed to only want to sit and stare and drink and dance one or two times.


Kind Regards

John :thanks:

Whistling a Tune most people dance too
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Put it down to experience. Probably just one of those nights, sometimes whatever you do you just can't get a crowd going.

Two weeks ago I had a very similar night, then my last two gigs were absolute belters where I had them dancing from the start. I think I could have played anything and they'd have danced!

Can't please all of the people all of the time.



Dance Sounds Disco


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