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Oh Wise Ones .... Can you advise please ... go steady on me - I'm a girl :hide:


I had a set-up a while ago whilst living abroad and stupidly sold it as I moved back to UK. I am in the process of buying another set-up for karaokeing. I remember having a sort of 'gaming' multi connection thingy, it had various wires, I think it had 2 VGA's (computer 15 pin connection), some white and yellow RCA's (that I connected to the TV's), the whole thing looked a bit like a computer mouse with all these little wires coming out of it. I think it's real purpose was for connecting gaming consoles etc. I used to use it to connect up various tv's to my laptop.


My question is ... does anyone know what these are called? Or do you know of something similar that I can use to connect 2 tv's to my lap top? :flirt:



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Thanks McCardle, I knew I could count on you :dukesy:


Yes they look like they would do the job, the one I had was more like this


http://www.conrad-electronic.co.uk/ce/en/product/994834/Universal-PC-TV-converter-box but nothing like as expensive :bloodyhell:


Many thanks :thanks:

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