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Help please if you can, I am new ....I had my first gig on Saturday and it was fantastic, standing room only and they were dancing on the chairs. I am thinking of getting a stage monitor to put behind me whilst performing, I am using a Behringer PMP4000 powered mixer and running 2 x Behringer 212 passive speakers from it, I have a couple of questions...

1. Can I just use one monitor or do I need to get 2 to equalise the power going out of the mixer?

2. How do I connect a monitor to the mixer, do I just use a separate cable directly into the mixer or do I need to connect it via the speakers?


Any help would be most appreciated .... I bow to your wisdom :nbow:



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From the brochure, it appears that the mixer has two dedicated monitor outputs, marked as "Mon 1" and "Mon 2" which work at line level and are suitable for driving amplifiers or powered monitors. The volume to these monitor outputs are controlled by the rotary control marked "Mon" which can be found on each input fader channel.


So the easiest and simplest solution would be to use one or two low to medium powered monitor speakers which have built in Amplifiers. Plug one of the powered monitors into the "Mon 1" jack output and the other into "Mon 2" jack output. However you wouldn't need to use two monitor speakers if you didn't want to. The mixer would still run happily with just one powered monitor speaker connected, which would be connected to either the Mon 1 or Mon 2 jack socket output - but it doesn't really matter which one.


The user manual, which shows how the mixer can be connected to various sources, including the monitors, can be viewed / downloaded from the link below



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I hope I'm not too late but have a few suggestions that may be helpful.


Don't put the monitor behind you, have it in front facing you. That way it won't be firing straight into the mics and you will hear it better than if it's behind you.


As you are a Karaoke DJ the chances are you'll be trying to adjust the mix for singers, this is quite an art with inexperienced singers such as you'll be getting at a karaoke, you'll be fighting feedback if you haven't got it just right, put the monitor in front of the singers not just you unless they are in front of the main speakers. This (if you bring up the singer level relative to the music on the monitor mix) will let them hear when they're not singing into the mic or have gone quiet and can go a long way to getting them to have better vocal and mic control. It will also help those singers who can't hear themselves, you know the ones, they often put a finger over an ear.

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