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Hi, I have recently come back to Djing after a long break and have been using the Traktor Dj App for iPad, which I find amazing! Considering i am used to vinyl with all it's rather expensive and cumbersome limitations (apologies to all you purists!), but I have very limited knowledge of modern midi players, mixers and all the various other MP3 players available on market! Along with all the various software available????


I used to play out a fair bit at local events and parties (mostly mucky fields;) with a load of mates. I have been out of the scene for some ten years or so and have found myself playing again at small events and house parties etc. but I have recently been offered the chance to play at a much higher level and feel a bit under gunned with just an ipad !

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Hello and Welcome,


Its difficult to figure out exactly what you are asking us here, i'm guessing its in respect to which modern medium is the best for playing out music?, and the answer to that would be whatever suits you personally, as there are so many to choose from, and they all basically do the same thing, but in different ways.


Just like everything else, its largely down to personal choice and which medium a DJ feels the most comfortable with.


I'm not being nosey but what do you mean by being offered a chance to play at a higher level?, are you talking about club work or something more underground and nichey?.


The majority of Mobile DJ's tend to use either CD's or Digital Files (MP3's etc) or a combination of both, and the preferred means of playing out digital files is generally still via a laptop, or a dedicated media hardware player, and there is no right or wrong or any which is better than the other in real terms, its just down to the nuts and bolts method of doing what they want, in the way that they want it done smile icon

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Hi McCardle. Thank you for the welcome. I am predominantly an edm dj, but I have very varied tastes and don't really specialise in any particular genre of edm, i.e. Within my sets I will often play classic reggae & dub, hip hop remixes and progress up the tempo through house (mostly tech, electro and traditional [modern remixes of classics]) and finish on a few dnb tracks. I will try to read the vibe of the party as best I can and adjust to suit. A good friend of mine has offered me a chance to play at a large local festival and to be honest I think playing off the ipad with a basic sound card (to boost the sound and headphone volume etc) just doesn't really look very professional ? (Opinions and thoughts appreciated?)


My knowledge of MP3 players is very limited, so what I would like is some guidance ? can any body recommend me something that is affordable, pref beginner-mid level entry?


I have looked at the midi players (controllers) listed in my intro post, but which is the best value? I'm thinking of a spend of upto £600 ?

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