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Need Advice On Kam Turntables

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I'm new to this forum but need advice.

I'm thinking about buying a pair of KAM DDX700 TURNTABLES. I no nothing about turntables but want them to use TIMECODE VINYL through my LAPTOP.I've heard DIRECT DRIVE is better than BELT DRIVE. Is this correct? Also which TIMECODE VINYL should i use? I've heard some have longer playing times than others. I will be using it through VIRTUAL DJ. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Direct drive turntables start up faster than belt drive and generally have a more positive 'feel' which scratching etc, they are generally also better built.


I'm not a big fan of Kam equipment for professional use, as it tends to be considered top end budget equipment, personally i'd buy a pair of second hand looked after Technics 1200 / 1210's which used to be industry standard, and even second hand are generally better made than budget DJ equipment.


Also consider the Stanton ST150 / STR8.150 or Audio Technica ATLP-120


Sorry, I can't answer your timecode question, but you could try asking it on the Virtual DJ Forums http://www.virtualdj.com

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Thanks for the reply McCardle. They will mainly be for HOME USE with the odd HOUSE PARTY.

The thing is i love vinyl but to get the tracks i have on my laptop would cost a fortune. So i thought this was the best alternative.

I will check-out the VDJ FORUMS.


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