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Ev Zxa1 To Be Used With A Pair Of Rcf Art 710 A's

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Having departed with my DB technologies Cromo 12's due to size and bulkiness, went for a pair of RCF Art 710 A's due to them being able to fit into a boot of a small car, these speakers will be used for pub gigs, weddings, and birthday parties, and I'm wondering if the EV ZXA1 12inch Sub would be an ideal fit, reason I'm thinking of this sub is due to portability, and like the 710 A's, it's had some good reviews. Here's the specs on both sets...


RCF ART 710's...




Frequency Response -3 dB: 50 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz

Max SPL: 129 dB

Horizontal coverage angle: 90°

Vertical coverage angle: 70°

Compression Driver: 1.0", 1.75" v.c.

Woofer: 10", 2.5" v.c.


Input/Output Section


Input signal: bal / unbal

Input connectors: Combo xlr-jack

Output connectors: xlr

Input sensitivity: -2 dBu / +4 dBu


Processor Section


Crossover frequencies: 1700 Hz

Protections: Thermal, rms

Limiter: Soft limiter

Controls: Volume, EQ shape




EV ZXA1 sub...


Amplifier Power 800 Watts (RMS)

Color Black

Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) Omnidirectional

Input Connections (2) XLR Stereo Input, (2) XLR Stereo Output

Power Requirement 120V: 90V-132v, 1.0 A, 50-60Hz 230V: 190V-264V, 0.6A, 50-60Hz

Speaker Type Powered Subwoofer

Frequency Response (-3 dB) 5393 Hz Half Space

Frequency Response (-10 dB) 44118 Hz Half Space

Max. SPL/1m (calc) 126 dB Half Space

System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak) 700 Watts

LF Transducer (1) EVS-12S, 305mm (12) Woofer

Crossover Frequency 100 Hz



As far as the sub goes, I'm just looking for a bit of low end for these types of events, don't need earthshaking bass, or anything like that...

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