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Never heard of them, as I suspect neither have you otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question here. Which then begs the question, if DJ's have never heard of them, then have any brides? and so where is the traffic going to be coming from which is going to be generating enquiries for your business?. This is always the first question I ask any cold caller selling advertising, then I go and check out their claims before committing to an advert.


I would suspect that if the website was a honey pot of traffic with hundreds of brides sending enquiries to DJ's, then they wouldn't need to pay people to ring around to sell their services, the industry would already be buzzing about it and word of mouth would be sending DJ's and other service providers over to the site to pay for advertising!.


Often when salespeople need to cold call potential advertisers, then either the site isn't fully established and getting good levels of traffic, or it is established but nobody within the industry is recommending it freely and publicly amongst their peers based on the results. In either of these examples, you probably don't want to be investing in an advert on there just yet, at least not until both the Wedding service providers and also the Brides are discussing it.


You could always sign up to all of the Wedding / Bride forums, and do a search for the company name / website name and url, if Brides aren't already discussing the site, and recommending it, then I wouldn't be advertising on there!. Consider it a type of market research, find out the online places which Brides use to shop for Wedding Service providers and then advertise on there!.


Another form of research to check out how good the website is for advertising, is to politely contact some of the other service providers (photographers, Caterers etc) who are already listed on there and ask them if they have had many enquiries from their listing on the site.


Or of course, you could always just take whatever the person cold calling to sell the advert told you..............but personally I prefer to do the background research, and seek some testimonials myself first!.




I'm getting most of my work through Google Adwords.


If this is working well for you and driving enquiries and new business then why take a gamble by changing?. Personally I would be putting the price of the ad towards next months adwords invoice, or trying a new keyword ad.

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