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Best Active Speakers?

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I need some speakers as i go from club dj to mobile. Gigs will not have more that 300 people.

Budget is £700 and so far a few people have advised W-Audio PSR15 A speakers.


They look great and reviews are good but are they the best for the price?


Let me know your thoughts.

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Personally I prefer the Alto TS115A speakers, i've had these now for over two years and they work flawlessly and have never let me down at a variety of functions from Weddings to School Discos.


The problem is, just that like discussing tastes in cars or food, sound is also a personal preference and each DJ will put forward their own personal suggestions, to the point where you'll probably have several choices, each different to the last. There is no such thing as "The best speaker" (or we would all be using it and nothing else would sell) just the one which does what you need and sounds good to the guests.


The only thing I recommend is to make a shortlist of the speakers which get recommended to you on forums and review sites, and then go and actually listen to them in the showroom yourself, or even better, see if you can hire a pair for your next gig.


Sometimes £50 spent going off to hire a pair of speakers and trialling them in the kind of normal environment which you will be gigging in, can save making expensive mistakes later. Better to waste a hire fee, than to waste your £700 budget, if the speakers you end up buying off spec and 'unheard', don't sound as good as you thought (or others said they would) when you actually use them for the first time.

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