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Kam Par 56 V2 & Adj Vertigo Hex For Mobile Work?

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Are these any good for wash lighting to flood the dance floor??

I was thinking of getting two of these and then two American DJ vertigo Hex lights.

I already have a kam starcluster laser and a constella old style halogen light.


I'm thinking that should do me for a mobile set-up...??


And comments of suggestions welcome!!

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Personally i'm not a big fan of mixing conventional halogen and LED lighting effects on the same rig. Yes, LED technology has come a long way since i've been around this forum, but unless you buy some of the more expensive LED lights with 10w + 'branded' modules inside, I still think that there is a noticable difference in brightness between LED based effects and high wattage Halogen lamps when used side by side, no matter how the manufacturers smooth over the fact.

If in any doubt a quick check with a lumen meter, speaks volumes and yes I have been there and done that :hide:

LED's based effects are fine, for small - medium sized dancefloors in rooms with white walls, ceilings etc and also for uplighting, but my advice is to either go ALL led or ALL halogen rather than mixing the two technologies, side by side at the same time, as a decent Halogen based effect will often drown out, or at least upstage most budget LED effects.


I use LED for uplighting and also for small lighting rigs in pubs and some small venues, but I personally, am not ready to resign my NJD / Abstract / Martin halogen and discharge based effects just yet in favour of LED, purely as they are still far the brightest effects for large halls and those with dark floors and paneled walls which are notoriously dark by design.


I'm a bit confused by your use of the phrase "wash lighting", are you wanting to flood the dancefloor with stage / live music style colour changing floolights or are you talking about lighting effects?

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