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Problem With Acme Dynatwin Party Scans

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Hi There,


I have recently purchased a pair of Dynatwin Party Scans. I am having a problem with one of them as follows.


When you turn it on it calibrates the mirror position and then starts working, however the mirror tilt slips slightly during use thus dropping it out of calibrations. I have taken it apart to see if i can identify the problem and from the look of it, the mirror fixes to a disk that attaches to the motor spindle. there is then a spring loaded stopper that presses to the disk with just enough resistance to stop the mirror from moving without the effort of the motor.


I think the problem is that this "stopper" has worn out and needs replacing. I have no idea what the correct term is or where I could get a spare one from. Can anyone make any suggestions?


I am tempted to put a rubber band around the disk to prove the theory but I thing that will then offer too much resistance and burn out the motor.





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The problem with these types of parts is that its difficult to know whether the manufacturer has used a commercially available off the shelf part, or whether they have had the part manufacturered for them from their own drawing. The latter being the problem as it essentially makes it a custom part, which won't be available from anywhere but the manufacturer.


Can you upload a picture of the broken part in situ inside the effect?, it may shine some light (pun intended) on whether it can be obtained elsewhere.


This Dealer seems to carry a lot of Acme based spares, so it may be worth shooting them an email, along with a picture of what you need, and even if they don't carry it in stock, they should be able to obtain it from Acme,

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