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Child's Play - Charity Concert (Online) 25K Audience

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Child's Play seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play.


Last year the guys at Atebits came together and put on a show to kick off something that would be the game changer as far as concerts are concerned. Through the revolution that is Minecraft, the Atebits guys were able to create an extraordinary spectacle in the form of a concert where some great DJ's were able to put on a show for over 25,000 people.


The beauty of this event is that everyone, from the DJ to the door security guys were all sat in their own homes enjoying this event. An amazing concert arena was built specially for the "MonsterCharity" event.


Over $20,000 was raised in 2 days and 10 DJ's took part. Headline act MonsterCat and famous YouTube names came together to put this show on for the public.


With a combined following on YouTube of over 12 million subscribers we are going to push to break the 100,000 visitors this year.


I am looking for talented DJ's who might be interested in doing a 1 or 2 hour set. The music genre will be electro/dubstep/trance/dance.


Get in touch by email or skype for further information.


Email: shaun.pearce5@gmail.com

Skype: shaun_pearce5

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