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Help And Advice Iec Kettle Leads

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Hi All


I need some advice i want to change a 3 pin electrical socket on my extension lead to a IEC C14 plug so i have a long Kettle lead extension for my disco as i plan to use kettle plugs on my lights rather than use molded un-fused plugs on my lights. The main plug on the extension lead is a 13 Amp fuse would i be ok to carry on using a 13 amp or replace it with a 10amp


Any advice about this would be appreciated -






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The fuse in the plug should be less or equal to the maximum current carrying capacity of either the cable, or the connector (whichever is lower). So for example if you are using a 10A cable with a 10A single IEC connector, then the plug fuse protecting it, should be rated at 10A or lower. However, If you had a 13A cable feeding a connector with a maximum rating of 6A then the plug fuse should then be 5A irrespective of the current capacity of the cable, you would take the lowest rated figure in the equation and fuse accordingly.


In other words, the plug fuse should be equal to or below the current rating of the lowest rated component in the circuit.


Because the piece of equipment in the link is a multigang socket, you would go off the maximum rating of the wiring inside the unit, in this case it indicates that it is 10A, so to be safe I would fit a 10A fuse in the plug at the end of the cable which is feeding it.

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