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I started by looking at gobo projectors so I could project my logo on walls and ceilings etc but that does seem pretty limited. Recently I've been looking at adding a projector to my set-up either to project my logo or vintage footage for my Mod, Northern Soul, Ska & Motown nights. The trouble is it's a minefield of information and it's difficult to know where to start? Short throw over medium and long, the type of media the projector will work with, Resolution and lumens etc If anyone has any advice, experience and can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic. Portable is a must and flexible would be great. all info very welcome.


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Depends on your budget and exactly what you are looking for really. I use a NEC P401W projector, which i'd describe as a lower-midrange projector, its not budget and its a long way from being the most expensive, but for £1k it more than does the Job and its been very reliable.


Its only good for Short - Medium throw though, if you are looking for a long throw then you are going to have to venture into the £2k+ price bracket to do it properly. I use mine largely for media - Video and Image projection for Weddings and Birthdays, you can connect it to a laptop, or even run from a USB stick, which is handy as it will read the files without having to carry laptops or media players around. It will also take HDMI (2), Composite Video (lower quality obviously) and RGB, with USB sockets for Direct PC connection or USB stick, and its fully compatible with all of the current media formats.


I use mine on Eco setting, which is around 2700 Lumens, and i've never replaced a lamp yet. As with all lamp based projectors, allow the unit to warm up to room temperature before switching on (if bringing in from a cold van), also let the projector cool before moving, lamp shock is by far the biggest culprit for lamp failure, and they can be expensive (£150 - £200), However in Eco mode you should see approaching 6000 hours of lamp life.


Here is the full spec sheet



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