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Starting Karaoke

Guest oggi

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Hi im new to the mobile dj scence and was thinking about doing karaoke as well.

Thing is i dont know where to start ahans karaokes i have been to lately seem to have every single track you can think of you just hand in your request and they will get it for you. How do they do this? i have lots of tracks but was thinking or suscribing to somewhere like songstation so i dont need to get books printed (if they do that nowadays).

Please advise thanks Oggi

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Hello oggi.

I don't DJ any more and just visited the forum today out of curiosity. However, the KJs I see nowadays all seem to use a laptop connected to the Internet and just download tracks as they need them. If you ask around next time you're at a Karoake night someone will probably tell you the best sites.

Good luck.

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