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Adult Party Games

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#16 YourBigEvent



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Posted 21 February 2004 - 11:56 AM

great ideas
i will try some this w/end 

But you only have the local Darby and Jones gig this weekend fear.gif
.....but what do I know ?

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#17 dangerman


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Posted 21 February 2004 - 05:15 PM

Theres the one I use. Get two teams of two and stand them either side of the stage making sure there is access down both sides. Tell them that the aim of the game is to get as many objects as possible from the audience but only one person from the team is aloud in the audience at one time. They must not collect more than one item at once.
Once both teams are ready que the music and tell them to get ______ .
You can adopt this for the type of audience you have. I tryed all kinds of things, false teeth, a left shoe, and ask the audience as well. I once had a request for a bra.

Theres always one wallbash.gif

make it as interesting or as boring as you like


#18 RobbieD


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Posted 06 March 2004 - 11:31 AM

Some great games Chris!

I can vouch for the Quick Change game using the large see-through plastic bags. I used that one many times, and it has always got a massive laugh from the audience.
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#19 littleimp1


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Posted 20 July 2004 - 01:33 PM

Hi dangermouse I saw a version of that game on me hols.

The compere asked the 3 blokes to go and fetch a bra from 3 girls and after he got the girls with no bras to come up onto the stage and made them do star jumps!!!

He then asked the girls to go and fetch a pair of trousers and the trouserless chaps had to also come up & do star jumps!!!

Had people in stitches!!!!

Bouncing bits lol

#20 yogibear


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Posted 01 September 2004 - 11:50 PM

Hi Guys

I do these games a lot ,

Go-Getcha : Get 4-6 girls to come up at the front with a chair each. Sit them down facing the crowd. Send them out for lads clothes, one artical at a time, as they get the clothes they have to put on the clothes they have just retreived. I usually start with shoes, it makes the running around entertaining. draw it out as long as possible. I usually end with boxers ext.

Best results so far, 4 lads dancing naked on top of tables.

Note of warning : in ten years this game has worked really well. However I don't like having lads going out for the girls clothing as it can get a bit out of hand and people get upset.

Freshen Up : I usually play this game next I get two lads up on the stage, they think they are gonna get to play the previous game, Ha Ha Ha. Next get as many girls up as possible and split them in to to equal teams. 1 Lad to 1 team, send one team to the ladies toilets and the other to the gents toilets. They have three min to make the lads looking as feminine. You get the picture they come out in skirts bras, Gstrings, high heels.

Best results , have been getting some very scary results, ( better than when they went in).

Swap : You need some props for this game. You need two hula hoops and some black fabric. You need to make a tube about 1 meter long , Imagine a Pringles box. By sowing the hulahoops into the fabic.
The game involves geting as many couples up as you can. Each couple gets a tube to stand in and they have to swap all of there clothes as quickly as possible whilst holding the tubes to cover there modesty.

Hope some of you try these they can be a right laugh.

I've got some others but i'm not revealing all of my secrets.

I do a lot of work for universities and these go down a treat with the student's , theymake the best combination, 18-21 yo's , nudity and lots of bear . BLISS censored2.gif

#21 twindecks


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Posted 13 August 2005 - 06:02 PM

nice 1 will try that

#22 exbutlinred82


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Posted 08 December 2005 - 11:33 AM

Chris I like the sound of the plastic bag game.

Are the couples in the bags together or seperately (2 in a bag???)

Black sacks are not a prob but whered id you get the clear ones from.

#23 ChrisPointon


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Posted 08 December 2005 - 01:32 PM

QUOTE (exbutlinred82 @ Dec 8 2005, 11:33 AM)
Chris I like the sound of the plastic bag game.

Are the couples in the bags together or seperately (2 in a bag???)

Black sacks are not a prob but whered id you get the clear ones from.

I've done both. Depends on how wide the bag is on whether you have one bag per couple or one per person.

The clear bags I used came from Lidl and were found alongside the conventional black ones and simply labeled 'clear refuse bag' I think they were sold in packs of 10 for about 3.49, but it has been a while since I needed to buy any.

I have also found some of the larger ones online, although expensive, a pack of 100 will last you ages and these are the larger size which means working with them is also easier, at least for the volunteers!.

Large Clear Sack Link

( bottom of the page - Very Strong 30x36x48 Clear Pk100 Giant Sack)

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#24 asest


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Posted 07 February 2007 - 10:13 PM

Okay, a little bit of 18-30s Hol experience here!

Battle of the sexes

2 teams of opposite sex sit in two lines wiv legs around each other facing forwards.
Numbers per team can be anything from 4 up realisticly. This is best done using plastic cups (Health & Safety)

Round 1.

Every person in the line in each team has to down their drink 1 after the other, taking it in turns. Once the person in front has downed theirs, it is the next persons turn. The first team to finish wins the round. This can be best done with beer.

Round 2.

Same as above, down your drink, then kiss the person behind you before they take their turn at downing their drink. (you will find that men are not quite so shy as they would like to admit) again, beer or a good punch will go down well.

Round 3.

Again, down your drink in turn, but then another twist. You have to lick the armpit of the person sitting behind you before they can begin their turn. (men will find this quite easy, -anything for the team- spirit, but women tend to think it a bit gross.) which it is lol.

Bonus Round - Used in the event of any cheating or unforeseen problems.

Same as round 3, only using a cocktail or sangrea or something.

By the end of these rounds, nobody really cares too much who the winner is, theyre all too P:cense:d.

Obviously this game may only be appropriate at certain events. I wouldnt try it at a family party lol. One good idea would be if you had to cater for a joint stag/hen night! By the way, what is a joint stag/hen night known as? I did know it but I've forgotten and its annoying not being able to remember!

Another good 18-30s game!

3 sets of random couples. Simple game, burst a balloon between various body parts while being in a certain position.

This can be done a few times to create rounds and can be as innocent as you like! guaranteed to have everyone in stitches!

Another 18-30s, but I'll spare you all... last one... I think amen.gif

This one is probably the most 'risque'. Probably best to have a very adventurous and open minded set of guests! Should get people histerical.

Get as many random couples on stage as you can. The bigger the difference in their size and shape the better!

Explain what will happen. (as follows)

Then on the word 'GO!'

All the couples have to swap clothes! (live on stage)

The winning couple is the first couple to be standing dressed properly in the clothes of their partner. (limit can be what you like, but best is probably all clothing bar underpants) And then, considering the explicit nature of the game, I would give the winning couple a bottle or two of something special.

Obviously this game is VERY rarely going to be used! But if you do use it, have fun! and please tell me how it went! I love a good story. thanks.gif

#25 djdannyfeelgood


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Posted 16 April 2007 - 07:47 PM

i love getting the punters to do the balloon dance

i normally get them up for the cha cha slide or ymca in different outfits to see who is game for a laugh

then music changes and danceing with 2 balloons in front on them alternating between their chest and their groin or buttocks, we, well i start removing my outfit and the dare is for them to follow me, as per their instructions for them to do everything i do they do.

well i had a lady and her bare ass on stage with me on friday night, the guys bottled out but she was a star, i wont go into too much details of the act as several times it has been used by punters who are crap at it.

nothing worse than your act being nicked by amatuers lol

#26 Gazz


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Posted 17 April 2009 - 02:08 PM

I like the idea of the feeding the baby one due to the audience being able to have a laugh aswell.
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