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Childrens Party Games

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#16 dangerman


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Posted 03 April 2005 - 09:15 PM

I think some of these games are great ideas BUT i was wondering what you guys used as prizes. The reason I asked was because I no a someone who gave lollypops as a prize and a child fell over and damaged the back of there throat & its a bit of a safety issue giving sweets away?

Any ideas welcome


#17 Cheezy



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Posted 04 May 2005 - 01:00 PM

I always get the mother of the birthday child to arrange the prizes, then nothing can fall back on you.

When I've had to give out impromtu prize, glow sticks go down well.


#18 Dynamicdiscos


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Posted 04 May 2005 - 01:18 PM

I usually give our small packets of jelly sweets. They don't contain nuts and the worst you can do is make the kids hyper active. It's always a good idea to check with the party host if it's ok for you to give out sweets.

Hopefully then if a child is allergic to something the party host should have been advised and should tell you.
Why don't we start making hellium filled bubble wrap?

It would help keep postage costs down.

#19 short skirt high heels

short skirt high heels

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Posted 09 June 2005 - 08:43 PM

One game which always worked for me was a variation on the theme of musical chairs.

When I stop the music, the winner is the first person to touch the wall with their....elbow.

Obviously the list of body parts and different surfaces to touch is endless.

The added attraction of this is that all of the children are far too busy concentrating on their own game to take much notice of the others, so being devious you can pick almost any child to be the winner. Politically correct then.
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#20 dj stevie dee

dj stevie dee

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Posted 13 April 2006 - 08:58 PM

buy a parachute 40 quid on e bay

play at try and hit the aeroplane,
get a ball have all the children hold on to parachute
and try and hit roof of hall [ caution watch out for your mirror ball]

parachute football = again children all grab parachute
one half tries to hit one wall
other half hits other wall
first to 3 wins big cheer every time someone scores
build up the suspense

crocodiles= sit round parachute with legs under two wee children
go under and grab legs and try and pullother children under or [eat them up]

my biggest mistake was putting parachute on the floor getting 2 people
to stand in the centre and every body else to run round in a circle
until the two in the middle lost their balance and toppled to the floor
it went fine for a few parties then it happened=== baaasmiley.gif [SIZE=7]zapp
crying children and angry parents
don.t suppose I will be doing that game in the near future


#21 spudcooper


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Posted 22 August 2006 - 12:35 PM

Does Anyone Use These Games...

Rondtrees roulette:
Were You Get A Packed Of Thoose Roundtree Fruit Pastel Sweets And The Children (In Turn) Have To Guess Which Colour Comes Next...
If There Correct They Get The Top Sweet And Play Again For The Next Sweet But If They Get It Wrong They Only Get The Top Sweet And It Moves On To The Next Person. (As There Is Only About 5 Different Colours In A Pack This Game Does Take To Long.)

Find The...:
The Winner Is The First Person To Bring Back To You Any Object You Ask Them To Get. To Make This Game More Funner Tell Them They Must Get It From A Stranger (For The Older Ones Only)

Touch The...:
The Last One To Touch The Item You Have Said Looses. (This Can Include People. So This Person Get Loads Of Children Running Towards Them And Grabbing Them.

Water Torture :
Get 2 Containers Filled 3/4 Quaters With Water And Get Two Players To Hold The Container Straight Out From Thier Body The Longest (The Weight Of The Water Makes Thier Arms Ache Really Badly Very Quickly (Play With Older Children Only.)

Personaly I Have Neaver Used Any Of These But Am Thinking About Trying Them.

#22 slug boy

slug boy

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Posted 17 November 2006 - 06:47 PM

i play "the burping game" with my boys...

always wondered how it would go down with parents!!

who can burp the loudest!... kids love it, parents hate it!! (but secretly laugh inside!)

#23 asest


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Posted 07 February 2007 - 09:04 PM

Aside from the Party Games proper,
I've found that a good old-fashioned Party Song can get the kids going! Kids of any age, and adults love these ones! We have a female member who comes with us and she dances with the guests! You know the songs.... Superman, Wig Wam Bam, Time Warp, Agadoo, Hokey Cokey.... that kind of stuff.
I think they're good to use before or after any actual party games you may want to try.
And again, I'd probably use the usual, musical chairs/statues, pass-the parcel.

#24 yorkiemark


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Posted 11 February 2008 - 08:43 PM

used a Limbo set up on Saturday went down a treat well worth the investment.

#25 Ste Owens

Ste Owens

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Posted 12 February 2008 - 04:25 PM

I do a game where I give them all a modelling balloon show them how to make a basic dog and stick 2 minutes of music on and they have to try and make one, some of the balloons end up looking quite funny but thats only if you do balloon modelling.


One Smart Fellow - You get 4 kids up and they say

Kid 1 : One Smart fellow he felt smart (he will actually say one fart smello he smelt fart.)
Kid 2 : Two smart fellows they felt smart
Kid 3 : Three smart fellows they felt smart
Kid 4 : And they all felt smart together.

Things to remember with this game is you can drag it out by going back to the start if anyone does it wrong and say that was a practise but dont let it go on too long, other pointer is learn it yourself because you dont want to screw it up on stage.


The Ahhhhh Game - Simply get kids up and tell them to go ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR for as long as they can and make a competiton out of it.


Sausages - You get children to say sausages in a deep voice in response to your questions and they are not allowed to laugh.

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 09:09 AM

I have been reading this as I was contacted by a school yesterday to do a disco next week.

So this is very interesting, and I find this topic extremely useful.

If anyone can think of others let me know!
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#27 exbutlinred82


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 10:52 AM

Charlie Penrose....Laughing Policeman.

3 Kids.

Play verse and chorus..let them listen.

Then play verse to kid 1...and let them do the larf.....same with 2 and 3.

Prize for the audience chosen funniest laugh!!

#28 Gary (GDK)

Gary (GDK)

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Posted 30 June 2010 - 10:41 AM

Instead of doing one for every thread here is my two hour party for 4 to 8 year olds, and Infant schools!

To run the games I use a minidisc player to control by remote control. I find this fantatsic for more traditional games like musical bumps and statues. I also recommend a headset microphone as well as a handheld one.

I ask the parents to provide two pass the parcels and 3 spot prizes. In the rest of the activities I give out medals.

I've also considered buying a megaphone just for the comical value of it!

Now the party itself. I use the same music to the same games all the time!

For background music I use the current chart music.

Activity 1
Introductions. Make a big event over it. I play Robbie - Let Me Entertain You. I then get the kids to scream are you ready for some fun... I said are you ready for some... "I might as well go home, I said are you ready to go" Cue louder screams! I then get all the kids to say their name into the mic, loudest person wins a medal. To a random girl I say, "believe it or not I've never being called Danielle!". Then I ask for everyone to say their age into the mic. To a random age, I say "I was four when I was your age to". I then go on to say I'm from Sunderland and have a bit of banter about who supports Newcastle etc... Great fun. Loudest child overall wins a medal!

Activity 2
Since then are all sat down on the floor I play a simple game of Pass the Parcel to Pink - Let's Get The party Started. Parent supplys the present.

Activity 3
I get them jumping up and down to get motivated. Do this to Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger.

Activity 4
Dancing competition time. Get four judges to take four chairs (already setup) and play X Factor them tune. Introduce them as Dani, Sharron [Had your hair done recently?!], Pete and Simon. Get all the kids to boo Simon loud as they can , as he is ugly, bald, recedding hair line. By the way do you put sun tan lotion on your head?. I do the competition to Cha Cha Slide. Note: I place a business card on each of the judges chairs (a prize for taking part!) At the end of the dance go to the judges ask for their verdict, Simon will be negative. Send him away and let the remaining three judges each give a medal out as a prize.

Activity 5
Next I do the Hopscotch to a looped version of One Step Beyond. Tell them a story on how I went out last night on the dirty beer, can everyone shout dirty beer after 3!, and that I messed them up so could them help me put them back together! I take the numbers out to if they are 6+. More of a challenge. Winning team all win medals.

Activity 6
Contiuing on One Step Beyond, I then do Musical Statues. A prize will be provided the parent for this game.

Activity 7
I get them all lined up with the birthday child in front and get them marching... "Get those kness right up!" This is to Amirllio. Best marcher wins a medal! This goes straight into...

Activity 8
The animal conga... we do impersonations of every child's favourite animal! You've got to be able to think very quickly on the spot!

Activity 9
Work for our food. I explain that Aunty X and Uncle Y have bought food for us all to eat. But they say we've got to work for our food! Dance is Fast Food Rockers, Fast Food Song.

Break for food, on average 20 mins

Activity 10
Go round the room with the children looking for a responsilbe adult to help with the birthday cake. Since we can't find one, Aunty X has to do it... Sing happy birthday. Stop it after first line, one adult isn't singing and give them a mic to sing into!

Activity 11
Sing-a-long to Spongebob!

Activity 12
Swinging western style to Cotton Eye Joe. Before I start I pair up all the kids! Straight into...

Activity 13
Steps 5678 dance workshop... "Contuining on the western theme!"

Activity 14
Musical bumps to Blue f/... - Get Down On It. Also ask the parents if they know what advert its off they will a prize (a business card!). Prize provided by parents.

Activity 15
Next we do an elephant impersation to The Toy Dolls, Nellie The Elephant. Great fun... The idea is when the music is really slow we all creep round like nice slow elephants but when the music goes really fast we all run around like fast elephants. The fastest elephant wins a medal.

Activity 16
If they are over five, I use camping mats sketch. 2 camping mates per team, and they have to get from one side of the room to the other. I use the It's A Knockout! theme for it!

Activity 17
Musical corners - to Rock This Party. Four high vis vests worn my adults in the four corners of the room. Put the red and white one together of course!

Activity 18
Hokey-Cokey. Bet you were wondering when this pop in!

Activity 19
Get them all sat down, and give each kid a business card. "If you had a good time I want you to put your hand in the air like this... Now some call this marketing, some call it tacky, some call it advertising..." Get a good laugh, and I now know a good plumber who give his kid his business card to give to me!!

Activity 20
Final game of pass the parcel to Queen - Don't Stop Me Now.

Also, I get kids to scream quite frequnelty, and daft stuff.
Like before musical bumps, I go scream "musical" then scream "musical bumps"
Before working for food I go scream "Hunger strikes"
I also after food say im getting tired so if I fall asleep at any point i should fall asleep please scream "WAKE UP CRAZY IDLE GARY".
Also have a bit of panto banter with the kids... OH NO YOUR NOT!! etc...
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