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Posted 10 February 2003 - 11:11 AM

Thanks for the info posted on this board, The Birthday party scenario and pricing info is very interesting.

About me cool.gif

I'm probably a bit old at 34 to make it as a trendy DJ, but I have a real passion for music and I spend a lot of time at concerts (Groove Armada, Basement Jacks, Pink etc). I first caught the bug for playing music at V2002, when I was blasting dance music (Chicane, Chemical Brothers) thru my extremly loud ICE system in my camper van. Before I new it I had dozens of chanting people dancing around a single laser light strapped to the van. It was not long before neighbours in their tents and vans were bringing their own CD's to play. Over the weekend we went though the whole range of music from the 70's onwards and the urge to buy some decks was niggling away. I am new into the cubbing scene and a superb weekend at Tribal Gathering in November made my mind up. Some lads in a chalet in our block were pumping out great tunes (x-press 2, etc)when the official party finished. Although I was a total stranger, they let me have a play and I sealed the decision.

I've got hold of some decks and a mixer and a PA and I volunteerd to do a Christmas party for my mate in Stoke before we all went on clubbing. Eventually I found a proper record shop I have invested in some serious music. I am not sure exactly what the different genres are, but most of it is dance music, some trance, some funky house, cheesy house, hip-hop, R&B etc. I especially like the new music with hooks back into the 80's and 90's. I also purchased a huge house collection of ebay. Anyway, the party got off to a slow start, but after choping my way though some excellent tunes, everyone decided not to go clubbing but to stop and I played through to the sunrise. Result!.

I've spent the past couple of months going around pubs, and clubs listening to what's on offer and whilst performances like the top DJ's at REHAB are a dream, there are lot's of DJ's with minimum set ups keeping people very happy by slotting one cd in after the next. This is probaly were I am at technically very simple, but the music selection making the performance. Before I start advertising/promoting my services I would like to get some real experiance, and if any one is looking for a hand, especially in the midlands then I am keen to learn and help out. I am just getting used to handling vinal and I am sure there is loads I could learn from the right mentor in return for lugging, carrrying, driving and fetching etc.

Cheers biggrin.gif
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Posted 10 February 2003 - 11:39 AM

I'm probably a bit old at 34 to make it as a trendy DJ

If it's any consolation I'm not THAT far behind you wacko.gif and after 15 years in the business I've still yet to make it as a Trendy D.J sad.gif sad.gif

Welcome to Mobile D.J chat Alan, feel free to post any requests for information that you require and we'll try and advise smile.gif

I am sure there is loads I could learn from the right mentor

I'm getting too old to consider myself as a Mentor anymore!! unsure.gif although I have trained a lot of D.J's over the years, and it is always a pleasure to see them move on and make a success of their own roadshow!.

But seriously if anybody is looking for a "roadie" in this area then please either email me or contact Alan directly.

I'm based in Cheshire, although we do get asked to supply roadshow's into Staffordshire and the Midlands, so once you've got established and gained some experience then please feel free to contact me with your details, and I'll be happy to pass on the work.

Either way, good luck to you, I can't stress enough how important it is to anybody starting up in business to gain some experience as a "Roadie" to an established Mobile Disco first, before committing yourself to lots of expensive equipment!.

I know that a lot of D.J's consider training a "Roadie" with suspicion, since in time, that person is likely to be running a roadshow in direct competition to your own, but I found out that this is simply not the case!. Certainly there is a great deal of pride to be taken in training somebody and it is a tribute to you as a D.J if that person goes on to make a success of it. However, I still keep in touch with a lot of my Ex-Roadies and we often pass work to each other. I know that in the times that I need to pass work on, or if I need to have somebody to cover for me during holidays etc who better to pass the work onto but somebody who you know can do a good job and not let you down smile.gif

Let me know how you get on.


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