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It seems like at least one member has been less than honest with regard to details of a gig which has been passed on. This has resulted in a complaint being received by me, from outside of this forum.


If you are less than economical with the truth it may come back to haunt you days, weeks or months later.


Although I don't take any reponsibility for what offers of mobile work and rule compliant business arrangements which are made between adults on this forum, I don't want to receive emails and phone calls from their clients with regard to how (badly) the gig swap was handled, or the conduct of any of the parties involved.


This sort of complaint, although not directly the responsibility of myself or DJU, reflect badly on the community and the industry in general.


Those who do recieve provable complaints, will not be permitted to tout / offer work on here again. If the complaint is serious enough they may find their membership to DJU terminated.




Guidelines to offering work here:-


(1) Make sure that the gig you are offering is yours


Passing on Agency Work or contracted hotel work without permission may result in financial penalties if you have signed a contract or entered into any form of agreement.


(2) Be honest


If you are charging £180 for a gig, then the party you are offering the business to also deserves every penny of the £180.

If you are taking a 'cut' as commission then point this out when you pass the work on. If you charge £180, and only give the covering DJ £100 - then pocketing the £80 difference for yourself on the sly is not ethical and likely to get you a very bad reputation.


(3) Tell the client that you are passing the work on.


This is a courtesy and COMMON SENSE when after all, the client booked YOU to do their gig.

Remember, the client may also need to make other arrangements such as who the cheque is payable too! Explain the problem for your non-attendance to them and that you have arranged for a DJ of equal calibre and repuation to cover on your behalf*.

It is NOT acceptable to get the covering DJ to make excuses for you when he / she arrives, nor is it acceptable for you to expect your client to pay a higher price for the substitute DJ.

NOTE: It is advisable to network and meet as many DJs in your area so that you can truly vouch for the DJ covering your gig.


(4) First Night / Trial Night


If your booking is a trial night, or a 'first night' gig for a possible residency, you cannot get another DJ to masquarade as you for the night in order to secure future business on your behalf.

Not only will you get found out when you turn up to the next gig but this is like getting somebody else to sit an exam or pass a driving test for you. :nono:


(5) Information Information information


Please give as much information as possible when passing on work. Simply posting 'gig at Swanley Hall' is not helpful if there are 2 'Swanley Halls', 400 miles apart in different parts of the country!

NOTE: Remember that this area is accessible to guests and ALL search engines so please use discretion with client personal information.


(6) Do your research


Make sure that you pass the work on to somebody reliable and professional, with a good music collection and required paperwork. Don't just judge another DJ by how many fancy lights they have or whether they have a website or not.


(7) Specialist Gigs


If the gig is of a specialist nature (60's night, Soul Night etc) or requires any special arrangements or effects equipment then make sure you make it clear when you post the request on the forum. Also remember to pass on other details and info via PM such as the clients request list, details of 1st dance etc.


(8) Reply Reply Reply


Please don't ignore a PM message if you are contacted by a fellow DJ offering services for your posted gig when it is accepted to be undertaken by someone else. What comes round, goes around.

Politeness shows consideration for others and is good for business practice. Simply inform them out of courtesy that unfortunately the gig has been taken.


Most of these are just common sense guidelines which will give most DJ's no problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, one gig, passed via this forum resulted in at least 4 of the above points being broken and a lot of hassle, for the person responsible, The DJ who covered the gig and myself.

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