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In light of recent events, this area of the forum is now limited to new topics only.


This means that members can still start a new topic, advertising spare gigs or their availability but other members will be unable to reply on the thread.


This has been done as a last resort to curtail the amount of off topic and judgemental posts which occur on these sort of threads from time to time. I state once again, that this is NOT the place to pass judgement or discuss the fees your colleagues may charge for their bookings and unfortunately many people have stopped offering bookings here because of the negative comments of a few.


If any member wishes to start a discussion on prices and how much to charge, then it should be made in the DJ chat section. In the meantime if you see a post offering a booking which falls below your minimum fee then simply don't send a reply or take the offer of work, it is your choice after all and if the fee hasn't already been quoted to a client, or is negotiable, then I'm sure that the person postng the offer will make that clear in the post!.


From now on, when posting an offer of work, or advertising your availability, you should end your post with your prefered method of contact since nobody will be able to reply to the thread. Members aged over 16 can advertise their Phone numbers if prefered.


Tip: If you offer work but have no contact details in your profile, do not be surprised if you are overlooked or ignored!.

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