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Ideal Music for Childrens Parties

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KAZZ !!!!!!!

I will try anything,once!


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7 years olds absolutely love action songs such as


The finger song

The court of king caractacus

fast food/ketchup/macarena

cartoon heroes

music man

cha cha slide

follow the leader


also stuff like


Reach - s club

Hey Baby - Dj Otzi

the conga

Superstar - Jamelia


be very careful with what you play...... unless you are out there doing it with them, you might find it very hard to get them to dance to anything - especially any rnb! ( which I would give a miss)


Despite what anyone might tell you, children of 7 will want more than just a "disco" - you will probably be expected to play games as well - How long is the party - if its over 2 hours I suggest you ask the client to shorten it - two hours is about the boredom threshold for children at this age


Good luck - have a look at the kids party thread which might be helpful

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WE LOVE KAREN, AND IT'S GREAT TO HAVE HER BACK !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Well, at 7 years old, they'll already know a few songs that they like, and a few artists too. At this age they seem to like any gender of artist, so it wont just be the girls liking the boy bands.


I tend to buy a young persons music magazine aimed as closely at the age group as possible. In such mags, you'll find clues from which bands/artists are featured, hinting at you as to which ones you might need to play...sugababes, busted, mcfly etc.


The same mags often have lots of pop gossip/facts about the groups eg: the band members christian names etc, which you might want to include as simple questions for spot prizes eg: "how many people in the group: Mcfly?"


You'll certainly need to prepare for some games to keep the little angels (ha ha) happy and focused..."chase the gobo" only holds their attention for so long...


DJUs very own Kazzachi has posted up all sorts of games for a variety of ages...anything from musical bumps/statues, to pass-the-parcel will please (remember to wrap the parcels the day before, or better still ask the parents to supply and wrap!)


Ive just cleared out Homebase of their £3 flashing disco mugs, which make excellent prizes, awards etc...and there's always glowsticks!, £1 gift tokens (for mummy or daddy to look after)


The right music is only part of the show for kids discos.

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Thanks Chaps, just checked out Kazzachi's games, will have a good read of that tonight,Luckily it is only for 2 hours will write myself a list of songs to play that will hopefully do more than 2 hours so that I can take my pick for the atmosphere, thanks for your advice, this is certainly a cracking website, glad to have found it http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/thumbup.gif

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Agree with kazz keep to a maximum on 2 hours, Keep them on the go they take alot more energy than your average do. Also i usally arrange to have food about half way through. Dont play songs all the way to the end if you can see there attention swaying, make it fun loads of games and prizes, that get them all envolved.


Leave a dance like superman or cha cha slide till the end when their parents have arrived and then tell the kids to go and drag there parent on to the floor for one last disco song.


Always goes down well with the parents


have some prizes to hand, and take in some equipment, ie: skipping rope, limbo pole, toilet rolls, hats etc to really keep them going,


You have to be super extravert on these do's


good luck

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... just another little tip.... If there are boys there, you will find them hard to get up.... sooooooo I resort to putting up two score boards... one for boys and one for girls...... everytime someone wins a prize give points to either boys/girls.... I promise you... this will do the trick.... they love a bit of friendly competition!

WE LOVE KAREN, AND IT'S GREAT TO HAVE HER BACK !!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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