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Crossovers, equalisers etc

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OK - time for a dumb question.


I currently use the passive cross over in my subs. Several people

on the forum have commented that you'd get better sound with an

active crossover.


I followed the thread on the Behringer ultragraph pro FBQ1502 which

has a mono crossover with the equaliser.


Other people are talking about LMS (L Management Systems?).


Assuming that I'm going to bi-amp, can anyone give me some advice

on what the options are here? Pros and cons of:


Separate Xover and Equaliser




Equaliser with in built crossover


And is it worth worrying about anyway?


Have a good weekend, Chris.

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Those german guys go great seprate units and a cool all in one EQ and X over..


I think its all down the budget and rack space as both ways are as good as each other...


the only diference I can think of is if your mixer has a Send and return on the main output. this will let you add EQ or effects before the main output faders of the mixer that would then feed a Standard crossover unit which in turn feeds the correct signal to each of your amps....




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The Behringer Ultradrive is so cheap now (£165 some places) that its stupid to go for separates. Far more accurate and has more than you'll need facilities wise for most situations

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A digital loudspeaker management systems (like a DBX Driverack) is the way to go - if you can afford it, and if the quality of the rest of your system is high (no point in adding a "Rolls Royce" processor to a "Ford" or even a "BMW" system).


The Behringer FBQ1502 is a great unit at a great price, and a big step up from passive crossovers built in to speakers, but seperate EQ & cross-over would give you more control.

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OOOOoooooooooooooooooooo Drive rack...... nice !! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/tongue.gif


But how much??? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/fear.gif



Anyway... An eq and x-over in one unit will be ample for your needs...


If you dont know how to use a eq correctly then you really dont need a 15 band eq!!! - So many people around here think that the sliders should be all the way up/down !!!!


I use a Behringer DSP2490 which is a parametric eq plus other handy "toys" and then an external x-over because i dont always need my x-over... If i am only using a 1k rig then the internal passive x-over in the sub is sufficent and of course then i only need 1 amp.


Its your choice, but look at all the situations you will use the kit before you decide.

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