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Anyone using laser's in their lightshow im after some recommendations, ive checked the evil http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/221.gif ebay and seen some that look good but they ship from China...





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Most cheaper DJ products originate from china nowadays. The reason why they're that cheap on ebay is because whoever is selling them isn't even handling the goods - they're just shipped direct to you.

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I'm tempted to say don't bother. I have one and it's rarely

used - it's great when it's up and running with smoke but

I'm quite careful about the risk assessment and then

there's the whole issue of smoke (see lots of previous

threads). I guess it makes more sense if you use venues

on a regular basis and can sort out projeciton angles etc.


I think to be worthwhile you need a high-pwered unit

and that, in turn, increases the risks.


I've also damaged two in the past so reliability is an issue with

some of them compared to other lighting units.


All the best, Chris.

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If you are buying from China bear in mind that you'll probably get stung on VAT and possibly Import Duty. Not to mention a handling fee for whichever carrier deals with the customs paperwork and fees on your behalf.


So add carriage charge, 17.5% Vat and then £20 - £40 handling fee, and the price doesn't look all that competitive. And what if it goes wrong under warranty, are you going to pay to send it back to China?.


If you want a laser, consider the Apollo unit from Constella at £229.00 + VAT for a 30mw Green Laser its a bargain!.

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Or my new brillaint addition to my show! EU Lights Cosmic Laser! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif

Which I'm very chuffed with!!


Email :: info@nrgize-disco.co.uk

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I purchased one of the Scanning green lasers from e-bay . It is truly an excellent bit of kit the difference between the 30mw appollo I had and the new 100+ mw is incredible.

Lovely laser sky effects 126 patterns , 8 channel DMX or sound to light ariel effects.

I get so many positive comments about it especially from groups of punters who love their dance tunes :-) You don't need much smoke and beams are visible even with the lights on.


A few words of warning though , the guy who sells thm on e-bay lives in Australia so if you have a problem I should think there is little chance of you getting it sorted out especially as I've noticed his account get suspended from time to time. Also note the feedback of the lower end lasers ; notably supplying lower powered units !


Delivery however was excellent just 3 days direct from China on courier . Only fault on mine was the incorrect plug ( just takes a standard IEC anyway ) .


You will definately get stung for both vat and duty as the courier has to declare and pay the duty on your behalf. Vat is 17.5 % and I think duty was 2.7%


So in my case laser £636 ( cost ) + £134 ( vat and duty ! )


Before anyone starts the usual argument about laser wattage and safty , there is no

problem using this unit as long as you follow health and saflty guidlines.

Information on this is available from the HSE website . Also there is some useful info on the following site



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