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http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif HI on advice from this forum just about to buy the Sound Lab 15in 300 w ABS speakers...several of you said they were good sound and value for money


Have any of you just ran these for a wedding etc what results ok??


prob buy some bass bins soon opinion?


Also Was going to buy either a sound lab 650x650 mosfet amp or a C-Mark

which is a bi polar? have i got that right? 700x700


was going to buy these as price was cheap cheap cheap


Then I saw the Behringer 2500 at £ 204 delivered only around £50 more than the above. Can I have your opinions?






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I've heard (and used occasionally) the Behringer 2500 speakers - and I've been impressed - certainly up to the punch and clarity of my own Ramsa's.


Its rare for me to hear a speaker thats anything other than "OK", but I did like the Behringer 2500's.


On the other hand, I've not (knowingly) heard the other two models of which you speak. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif

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I didnt like them as they are not as clear or as transparant sounding as the set of EV sx200's i have. But dont forget that to the untrained ear they will sound very nice...


as long as you dont try and over drive them they sound good, its when you start to push them that they sound rubbish....


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I've used the Soundlabs on their own for a Wedding with 100 Guests running from a Mcgregor Amplifier with no Problems, I've also used them as sound reinforcement in larger rooms alongside my existing OHM RWS Set up.


They Sound Okay, although they can be a little bit 'toppy' at high volumes on some set ups, so you may need to tweak the EQ a little bit to compensate.

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Interestingly, of all of the EV SX and S series i've heard, the passives have blown the actives out of the water as far as sound quality is concerned. The actives just tend to mush and fart at higher SPL's whilst the passives stay nice and taught much louder.


The old S-200's are incredible sounding speakers.

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We have been running a Behringer EP1500 for about a year now & like it, we have also been running a C-Mark along side the Behringer on a few occasions. It’s difficult to know if there’s any difference in sound quality between them, unfortunately the C-Mark has had to go back under warrantee so we’ll have to wait & see what happens we may be just unlucky with this one. (I hope so because we also like this amp despite this problem)

Sorry can’t comment on the speakers because we haven’t used them.


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I use the Soundlab 15" ABS and find the sound quality nearly as good as my EV's. As Chris says, they are a bit toppy and you have to adjust your EQ to compensate.


I have to admit though that I nearly always use my 12" EV's, unless it's a larger venue, but this is because the EV's are lighter. and take up less space in the car.

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