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Best No.1 from 1966  

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Ah 1966, the other good moment from UK football history.


Tom Jones let the green green grass of home grow under his feet for almost 2 months (7 weeks), and Jim Reeves probably suffered hearing loss after 5 weeks at the top spot with those Distant drums.


Several groups/artists acheived 4 weeks at the coveted No.1 position (a pretty remarkable acheivement nowadays), including Nancy Sinatra (these boots), The Walker Brothers with their dismal weather forecast, and the Beatles with their brightly coloured underwater craft, craftily grafted onto a superb B-side of "Eleanor Rigby" - their most popular selling release this year, since "Paperback writer" only wrote itself into the no.1 spot for 2 weeks.


But which would you play on a 2005 Saturday night?

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I prefer the Chris Farlow track actually but I voted for the The Stones as this 'band' would be more requested at my functions than the ones listed, especially this track, Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, etc.


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i voted 4 tops but i must admit i did like green green grass of home....

ok, ill keep taking the tablets


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