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This comapny makes a really good software which is used by use for our Web Radio and i think it would suit a mobile jock as well It is called sAm Broadcasting and features lots of great features the best one is a request web page that can be created i have set up a second pc in a cornored linkes to the laptop by a hub which has a touch screen which allows for requests to be picked and then put on a list in the software it is brilliant, and is cheap in comaprison to other rivial brands, heres the link tell me what you think




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I advise Sam Party Dj for mobile Djs In general


Yup indeed.......Sam Party DJ has all the features broadcaster does other than the ability to broadcast live on the net.......so party dj would be better suited to the mobile jock.


I used it for a while, but then got fed up with it as its very "automatic" and theirs little room for manual control of the mixing etc.


Great bit of kit if you dont want to be bothered with mixing though, the auto play features are very very good.




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So it looks if SAM is finally getting some deserved recognision, I have happily used OTSDJ for a few years, but have also messed about with SAM and done quite a few gigs with it and its an excellent piece of software. Can configure it to be as good as OTS but most importantly this bit of software is rock solid !!

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Gotta agree with that, when I was playing with the trial version somtime ago it was rock solid for reliabilty.


I didnt start using it though as its a bit too automated for my likes, I prefer to be in control.......it does do some very nice fades between tracks on auto though.





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