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Your most disco friendly No.1 of 1997  

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Sadly, the two longest lasting No.1's of this year, were both connected with fatalities; 6 weeks at No.1 for Puff Daddy & Faith Evans: "I'll be missing you" and Sir Elton Johns: "Candle in the wind" for 5 weeks.


Sad too is that Aqua's: Barbie Girl, was close behind by staying at No.1 for 4 weeks, as did Will Smiths: Men in Black...


Staying at the top for 3 weeks were No Doubt, with "Dont Speak", The Spice Girls "Mama/Who do you think you are?", R.Kelly: "I believe I can fly", Hanson's "Mmmmm Bop" and the relaxing tones of Perfect Day, covered by "Various Artists" (they've done a lot of tracks that "various artists" group... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/rolleyes.gif )


Olive managed 2 weeks at the top with "you're not alone", but then so did the Spice Girls with "Too much" and the group that makes the crazy frog look playable...The Teletubbies with "Say Eh-oh".


Hopefully, you wont be voting for them



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I voted for Eternal and I Wanna Be The Only One....


This is the one I play nowadays, along with Barbie Girl (only at kids parties!).


Back in 97 though, the number one tune would've been Tori Amos or Olive as I was working in Ibiza then......

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Perfect Day, still paly in as the record between dinner and dancing, gets people swaying and the longer is goes on the louder it becomes until everybody is singing it out loud

.....but what do I know ?




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