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This is more of a gig report than a full review - anyway, last night

I got hold of a Mackie SWA1801 active sub (700W RMS?). I was

impressed with the volumes it can generate but found it

difficult to control.


There were about 200 students at a graduation ball

in a relatively small room. I was using a pair of 300W Alesis Pro

Venue 1501 speakers and a McGregor amp - via the Mackie cross-over.


Anyway, during the meal I had to turn the Mackie right the way down to avoid

booming the conversation out even on tracks with minimal bass. The rest

of the evening was a mixture of cheese and R'n'B - if anything the Mackie

provided too much bass and it was a struggle to keep the music balanced

- it really will produce room shaking volumes but I think I'd need quite a bit more

practice in setting up the system to get the sound right.


Also. the 70+Kgs of weight make it a bit of a challenge - my guess is that I'll only

use it for these sorts of events. It's not ideal for the local primary school 8)


All the best, Chris.


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i use the mackie 1501 (15inch version) with a pair of srm450's, only have the sub on 10 oclock much too bassy when more...but ive found it all depends on the room size and shape etc, but do agree the odd track is played at far too much bass and keep on adusting the eq...club near me uses 4 srm 450's and one 1801 and its awesome sound, but the club is only smallish so i would expect it to be awesome at 2.5k watts with the above set up, really pleased with my mackie set up too be honest, just need to get it spot on with the eq's http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif

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play a nice track you know well with the sub turned right down


then slowly little by little increase the sub level untill you notice it. take time to step back and listen dont listen while your head is round the back of the sub..


when i say notice it i mean close your eyes and listen and you notice there is a sub there.



now back it off just a little. becuase when the people come in they will absorb some of the top...



SUB is not ment to be loud. its ment to blend in with the speakers so you can hear it but its as if its all coming from one set of speakers...


enojy your new sound http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif


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tried that and is great, must admit the temptation is there to turn the sub up but have resisted! thanks

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Sub was the best thing i bought, i like a good sound nice and bassy with a good punch, hense the sub purchase, i agree with you about cost, the mackies are expensive but in my view, worth every penny you can get a pair of mackies and sub for about £1300, (less if second hand) The sub will also allow the mackies to run at much less output therefore saving the life time of them i hope?

I just started with a pair of 12 inch cabs and amp, then to powered set up(DAP 600w) then to mackie stuff..used my money from gigs to improve my set up over the last year

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