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Received this bit of news froma friend


Whilst making the Album Noel Gallagher visited Marco from Young Disciples, who played him some new songs. When the new album came out Marco was astonished to find that one of Oasis' tracks was remarkably similar to one of the songs he had played to Noel. Cue legal issues and a bitter new song by Marco: Uncle Noel's Coming to Tea.

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I've no sympathy for them (Oasis)... they've been accused of a lack of original material before, and have done little to change that, since their early days. Perhaps they should've called it a day after the wonderless, wonderwall.


Is stealing songs an upgrade or a downgrade from their self-confessed pre-limelight hobby of stealing cars? http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif


Another twangy electric guitar collage band, who forgot to give up when they left college.


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