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Hi all, i have have some peavey ul-115's for about 6 months and i would now like to add some bass bins to my rig, but i cannot decide which to buy, i fancy some 18" ones really like the ul - 118s which are 800w rms each but there are also the ul-215's which are 1000w rms and have twin 15" drivers. which ones do you think will sound best?? 1x 18" or 2 x 15"??. thanks, james http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/huh.gif



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Based on cone area the 2 15's will move around 1/3 more air than the single 18 but you need to take into account the Vd (displacement Volume) value of the driver which is the surface area multiplied by the xmax (maximum excursion) value. All these should be available from the manufacturers website under the T/S (Thiele/Small) parameters.


Some 18's will move more air than a pair of 15's and this is one of the major things to consider in a bass bin, moving LOTS of air. Other factors such as the strength of the motor will dictate the sound quality by having worse or better control of the cone. Obviously heavier cones will be harder to control and appear less punchy and tight.....


If you want to know more to help with decision making then take a look here:




Or you could just audition them... ;)

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I'd go for the 15s or smaller.... 18s always seem to sound "flappy"

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For me the most important thing to consider about bass bins for

mobile use is the amount of space they take for transport

and the weight factor (especially with Peaveys 8) I have a pair

of 18" EV bass bins and an 18" active Mackie - I tend to use the

Mackie more simply because it's easier to handle without a roadie

in the transport I have available.


I think auditioning is important but it's not just about the sound

issues - it's easy to forget the practicalities until you actually have

to set up in a cramped space in 45 minutes or less 8(



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QUOTE (Gary @ Jun 29 2005, 11:56 PM)
I'd go for the 15s or smaller.... 18s always seem to sound "flappy"

And very heavy.



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I'd go for the 15s or smaller.... 18s always seem to sound "flappy"


You've clearly never heard a well designed and manufactured 18 then. The type of cab can make a large difference too. 18" horns can be very 'tight' indeed with a far higher quality and output than a replex or bandpass box.


It breaks my heart to hear people say that 18's are flappy when the only reference is a Kam or Gemini cab.


With reference to weight, there are many driver manufacturers now using neodymium magnets which in somecases can halve the weight of the driver. Not inconsiderable saving when some drivers are 18kg.


Unfortunately with subs there is always a trade-off between 3 things, you can have 2 but not all 3.






You can have loud and little but it won't play low.

Loud and low but it'll be a big cab

Low and little but it won't go loud (and the level of the lows will really take a hit on this one)


Processors can correct to some extent but suck up your amp headroom in the process.

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I have a pair of the RX215's exact same specs as the UL series.


They do the job very well.. in fact if I had seen this post sooner I would have offered them to you, as I am currently working out the details to sell them to a guy in Northamptonshire.


He need's them within 2 weeks for something, but if I can't manage to get em down to him by then then they might be up for grabs again.


These are the dual 15"s and are 1000W rms / 2000W rms prog per cab.


X-over freq is up to 125-150Hz. These shift more air than the 18"s and have a faster action for more punch, the 18"s have a slightly lower resonant freq, which is not too useful for mobile work really.


The other deal is set at £450 for the pair plus any delivery costs for fuel.. I also have a Peavey VSX x-over to go with them for an extra £50 if you're interested.


As I said..... if it;s what you want then it will save you a few quid and you get the same effect.


The RX series have the rounded front grilles which are a greyish colour with black cloth and two handles at each end etc.. dual 4-pole speakons and top hat.


I have the spec sheets for the drivers if interested and should be able to find you a link for them also. They are the exact same drivers fitted to the UL series, they simply changed the design cosmetically by using a slightly lighter grey on the grill and using pear drop shaped handles.


Hope this helps.





Phil Hulton


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18" and Peavey in the same sentence



Have you got a forklift truck licence http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/laugh.gif

.....but what do I know ?




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