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Most playable No1 of 1972  

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Warning: You are now entering Osmond Territory. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Wow! With Nilssons: "Without you", The pipes and drums & military band of the royal scots dragoon guards: "Amazing Grace", Donny Osmonds "Puppy Love" and his little bother Jimmy singing "Long haired lover from Liverpool" all hogging the numero uno position for 5 weeks each, that only left 32 weeks for anyone else to get a look in.

With almost as much longevity (eg: 4 weeks), The New Seekers expressed how much they'd like to pass on singing abilities to a large number of international people, T-rex worshipped their Metal Guru, Lieutenant Pigeon kneeded their mouldy old dough, and Chuck Berry told us all about his ding-a-ling..(a ding, ding, ding.....Hide...I think thats frog again)...

Chicory Tip topped the tip of the charts for 3 weeks with "Son of my Father", as did Alice Coopers "Schools Out", and Slades: Mama we're all crazee now.

Showing slightly less stamina with only 2 weeks in the coveted spot were T:rex's "Telegram Sam", Don MCcleans "Vincent", David Cassidys "How can I be sure?" and Gilbert O'Sullivans, "Clair"

Only 2 artists reached No.1 for just one week. They were Slade: "Take me back 'ome" and the man with the voice that could give sandpaper a rough time - Rod Stewart with "You wear it well".

But which No.1 of this year would get your vote for a play...?

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