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I've got a sneaky feeling that this poll might be a bit of a landslide victory... But, you never know...Christmas might come early for one of the other contenders...


17 Number ones this year, but only 12 unique artists as several of them had more than one no.1 during this musical 12 months.


Slade made three appearences at No.1, with Cum on feel the noise (4 weeks at No.1), Sqweeze Me Pleeze me (3 weeks), and some Christmas tune or another called "Merry Christmas Everybody" (5 weeks)... Seems ironic that Slades, Noddy Holder appears in the Nobbys Nuts advert, shouting "cant you read?" when Slades own song titles featured such poor speeling. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/whistling.gif


Mr G Glitter, made two appearences (under oath?) at No.1, firstly with "I'm the leader" and then with "I love you love me love", for 4 weeks each.


The singing advert for cosmetic dentistry, AKA Donny Osmond also aspired to the top spot twice, for 4 weeks with "Young Love" and 1 week with "The Twelth of Never".


Wizzard were the remaining band to acheive multiple No.1's this year, with the catchy "See my baby Jive" (4 weeks) and a brief 1 week appearance with "Angel Fingers"


From the bands who just settled for 1 tune getting to the infamous top spot in 1973, The Sweets "Blockbuster" held onto No.1 for a superb 5 weeks, almost matched by "Dawn featuring Tony Orlando (gotta be a made up name that)": Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, and The Simon Park Orchestra with "Eye Level" (The tune that later became known as the Orangeee Boom lager advert music), - both managing 4 weeks each.


David Cassidy "Daydreamer" (you'd know it if you heard it, and you'd know that you needed a plastic bucket soon too) held the no.1 position for 3 weeks.


The only tune to manage just 2 weeks in pole position this year was Gilbert O'Sullivan, with "Get Down" (anyone remember the Top of the pops girls dancing to this?).


One week at No.1 however, was a lot easier to attain, as proved by Suzi Quattro "Can the Can", and 10cc's "Rubber Bullets"


But which tune will get your vote? We'll find out in the poll, so here it is...



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Has to be Slade merry xmas, love it or hate it. Outside this heavily played xmas track, I think blockbuster gets played more than the others. In previous years, GG would have won it, but not now.

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Blockbuster possibly, I voted for Wizzard coz ROY WOOD IS A GENIUS!


Slade will win, how many Christmas parties don't you play it at compared to those you do


QUOTE (Gary @ Jul 11 2005, 01:49 PM)
The only tune to manage just 2 weeks in pole position this year was Gilbert O'Sullivan, with "Get Down" (anyone remember the Top of the pops girls dancing to this?).




Seen a clip of it...the dogs wern't happy & aparently (according to Flick Colby) quite smelly


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Has to be Slade again.

.....but what do I know ?




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