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Which is the most playable No1 of 1991?  

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Whilst Bryan Adams hogged the top spot for no less than 16 weeks (30% of the entire year), he did leave a few weeks for a few other artists to have a No.1 too.


Queens Bohemian Rhapsody, Chers shoop shoop song and Cheesy Chesney Hawkes' The one and only, all sat atop the charts for 5 weeks each.


Holding No.1 for 3 weeks each were The Simpsons (Well, just Bart really), with "Do the Bartman", and Color me badd with the song with the vomiting vocal hook, ("ooh ohh ohhh ohhhh OHHH oh oh oho hoohohoho, I wanna....) I wanna sex you up.


Perfect for the Mother and Daughter dance, was Iron Maidens sacrificial offering of "Bring your daughter to the slaughter" which stayed at No1 for 2 weeks, as did The Clash; wondering whether they should linger or depart, The ozzy Jason Donovan, complete with techicolor coat was keen to tell us that - "any dream will do". Holding the pole position in the charts proved to be an easy acheivement also for Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff, with their cover of "Dizzy", as well as Michael Jackson with "Black of white" and George Micheal and Elton with "Dont let the son/sun go down on me...).


Bouncing into the No.1 spot for just 1 week were Enigma: Sadness Part 1, Queens "Innuendo", Hale & Paces "The Stonk" and rather surprisingly U2s "The Fly" buzzed in for one week, then buzzed off again.


17 to choose from. It's voting time!



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Don't larf but Chesney is really popular at the moment in the residency and some private gigs this year!


Each to their own I suppose!

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Dizzy for me. I must buy Chesney - mate of mine played it last week and it rocked the floor http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wacko.gif


Did you know Iron Maiden are planning to tour next year?


KLF: 3 AM Eternal - TUNE!!


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