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21 number one tracks to choose from in 1974, and with several (now) classics offering plenty of stiff competition, its hardly surprising that nothing stayed at the top spot for more than 4 weeks.


The 4 weekers included Mud, padding around on those Tiger feet, Terry Jacks tearfully twanged the heartstrings with "Seasons in the sun", Charles Aznavour with "She", The Rubettes sung sweetly about their "Sugar baby love" and then Mud crept back again at the tail end of the year for (bom bom bom bom) Lonely This Christmas.


Paper lace gave Billy some wise words (Dont be a hero) for 3 weeks, words which obviously fell of deaf ears for Carl Douglas, who did 3 weeks of Kung Fu Fighting. Also for 3 weeks, The Osmands begged us to love them for a reason, while Ken boothe even went as far as to try bribary with "Everything I Own". We also heard David Essex promise to make us a star, and last but by no means least George McCrae suggested we rock your baby - all for 3 weeks too.


It was 2 weeks for the three degrees: "When will I see you again", with leather-clad suzi Quattro suggesting a rendezvous at "Devil Gate Drive", Abba met their "Waterloo", whilst the big Barry White admited that we're "The first, the last, my everything".


Fooling around with only a week at number 1 were The New Seekers "You wont find another fool like me", Alvin Stardust had a jealous mind, John Denver sung of "Annie", Gary Glitter claimed he was "Always yours", and seeing how De-Essers they could sell to DJ's, were "Sweet Sensation" singing "Sad sweet dreamer" SSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss.... Putting S's and clothes aside however, was the rather under-dressed Ray Stevens with "The Streak"... ("Don't Look Ethel...too late...")


So, run swift footed to your voting button and vote away...





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