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Carlsbro Powerline Pro Amplifiers

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I have just got in a couple of new Carlsbro Powerline Pro Amps and decided to road test them over the weekend.


The amps are very well built, with a classic design with moving needle VU meters instead of the LED types. On first use of the amp, the setting up is easy and the features on the back include a compressor, multi voltage sensetivity, Bridge modes including parrallel mono, stereo and bridge.


The 1200 gives 600Wrms per channel at 4 Ohm, And the 2000 gives 1000Wrms per channel at 4Ohm. Over the weekend i used them in various set ups to see what the perfomance was like:


Setup 1:

2 pairs of speakers:- Top and Sub per side each 8Ohm on the 1200 alone.

Volume was good and clarity was superb even when sending a dead signal to the input - there was more noise generated by the input cable I used as it was too near to other transformers i was using.


Setup 2:

2x Subs, 450Wrms @ 8Ohm 1 per side on the 1200 running through a Cross Over cut off around 250Hz. Good thumping bass and no limiting or clipping until the end of the night when it was turned up to see where it would go! The limiter cut in on the cross over, just as it started to clip.


Setup 3:

2x 500Wrms @ 8Ohm Tops connected to the 1200, and 2x 1000Wrms Subs @ 4Ohm connected via crossover. Well as you can imagine, this was loud, very loud. We couldn't even turn it up more than half way to test it as the neighbours would complain. But rest assured, the next venue this is used in, it will be turned up to find out the exact SPL we have on this rig!


So over the weekend a highly sucessful test and we already have an order from one of the Dj's who attended Saturday nights show.


However... As with all good reviews... there needs to be a bad bit...


The amps are 2U which is great, but it means that they are full length for the racks.

The weight is not for the wimps out there as they weigh around 20Kg each.


But other than that, they look good, sound great, and even after a 6 hour show, don't even get warm!


They stayed cooler that the QSC amps I have as well!


For the price, these are fantastic peices of kit and as long as you dont mid the weight, are nice, compact units.

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I have 2 of the powerlines...and to be honest whilst I have heard better sounding amps I wouldn't part with my carlsbros


Solid ( dropped one while taking it out of box when brand new ) still worked despite dent.

Reliable: used week in week out...... never ever faultered

Great value .....but need to be driven hard to sound good especially when used with Carlsbro speakers for some reason....I use the Delta 15 400w ...I bought 2 off e-bay for £250 brand new, think the guy didnt realise they should have been £250 each.......... would love a pair of the subs at that price http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif

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