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27 November 2017 - 06:20 PM

I don't see the forum as having closed its doors as you can still post. I think it's more that it was 'upgrade in progress' for ages and people were driven away.

No, there was never any upgrade - the forum was deliberately closed by Dan in late 2010 / early 2011, when he stepped down from the role of Admin, i've no idea who put the upgrade message up I suspect it was just left from the last time the forum was closed and nobody had any reason to change it. Since I was originally going to close it before I left, I had absolutely no problem with Dan's final decision as Admin as, in my opinion, it was always going to be a stay of execution and keeping it going had only delayed the inevitable in the first place.

I re-opened it a year or two later (or rather I re-enabled it in the same Status and Member permissions as it was left by Dan), largely out of respect for those who had contributed so much information in the early days, as it was still a valuable archive of online information. I haven't seen nor had any contact with either Paul or Dan for several years, but I'm happy to say that i'm still in touch with several of the first members to register here and the original moderating team, although the forum is never discussed.

Like I say, the forum was brought back in exactly the same state as it was left when it was closed and I see that a number of members had voluntarily left the forum or had requested their accounts to be de-activated in the months prior to Dan closing its doors, so I suspect only a minority of registered active members can still post and I see that a handful of members did post for a while in 2012 - 2014 after it was resurrected but the forum wasn't actively being run by anybody during that period, it was always a "ghost ship" and I see that most of those posts during that period were in relation to that!. There are also over 4000 pending new registrations in the validation queue dating back to about 2012, so new members can't post either, and of course there is nobody here to approve them, so with no new input you aren't ever going to replace the natural turnover of members.

I was approached a few years ago by an individual who wanted to open its doors and give it his best shot again, reluctantly I agreed but I see nothing came of it and it doesn't appear much attempt was made and in all honesty I think that is for the best. Some things are best left as they are.

In Topic: How The Mighty Have Fallen

25 November 2017 - 05:52 PM

yet the forum keeps up on the web

Does make you wonder though who is covering the costs and how long it will last.

I was always surprised at how much of a mystery this was. Although I stepped down as Admin and from all active roles in 2009 and had no active day to day interest in its final few years, I was still the owner and I still bankrolled the cost for those running it once I had left. Ownership of the forum has never changed since it was started in 2003.

In relation to how long it will last?, well a lot of DJ's, spent a hell of a lot of their time here in the early days, freely volunteering information and offering advice and although the technology has changed and many DJ's have either moved on or have had to diversify into adding other services etc, the nuts of the bolts of the business, starting out and more importantly the right way to deal with clients remains the same so there is still plenty of useful and helpful information here. When I was originally marched to the pub and talked out of immediately pulling the plug on the forum back in 2009 by my Co-Admins, they asked how long they could have to continue to run the forum after I stepped down and walked away, and I jokingly replied "10 Years". Well, even though it didn't survive as active forum for that period, as you can see i'm a man of my word, so it will remain online until 2019 at least!.

After that?, well if it still draws interest from the Search Engines and as long as guests are still reading the threads, then i'll continue to leave it online as it is currently - a kind of DJ Wiki. At the time of typing this there are 82 Guests online, and it still pulls in between 400 and 700 unique visitors every day which given its now almost 7 years since the forum closed its doors, and the last on topic post was made, is quite phenomenal and again a testament to those who originally typed up those posts here over many years and of which guests are still clearly finding to be of use today.

In Topic: How The Mighty Have Fallen

30 June 2017 - 09:10 PM

Strange, how I always knew that it would end like this......