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In Topic: Active Speakers

31 March 2011 - 11:34 PM

Have you auditioned them both?, which did YOU prefer?

To be honest, both of these are very expensive products costing well into four figures, far too expensive to let others make the final decision for you. Its always easy to spend somebody elses' money, less risks too biggrin.gif

My advice is that you wouldn't pay four figures for a car without a test drive in it first, so the same would apply here with these speakers, take the time to listen to both for yourself and see what will work for you the best in the type of gigs and venues which you cover.

In Topic: Fake Premium Dj Gear....

31 March 2011 - 10:55 PM

Hopefully you are speaking as a genuine customer of this business and you've bought one of these items from the Ebay Sennheiser seller that you've actively linked to and had the product which you purchased from them independently verified as a fake?. I only mention it, as if he is a business, and comes across your comments on google and decides to that the comments you have made are false, defamatory or are otherwise untrue, it can get pretty expensive if you are wrong and can't provide any independant proof to defend the comments which you made publicly, if he decided to escalate the matter to legal action, especially if its determined that any comments made cost him lost business and revenue, and also damaged his business reputation.

He does have 100% feedback after all and most of it recent and in relation to the product which you've highlighted, and this is something which i'd find a bit strange if he'd been peddling sub-standard products of any kind on Ebay for more than 12 months. Some genuine dealers on Ebay don't have 100% feedback rolleyes.gif , you would think that just one person in that time would have been less than happy with the quality of the product and complained, using negative or neutral feedback, but there isn't one such occurance.

Of course. if you are a genuine customer of this company, and have confirmation in writing from the manufacturer or a distributor that the product you've bought is indeed, a fake product, then you have nothing to fear and it does need to be highlighted.

China is the source of many counterfeit products, and these days its not just fashion wear which is being faked, although this isn't especially new information, as its been going on for years. More worrying is the large number of counterfeit electronic components finding their way into genuine manufacturers products in all industries.

But Chinese counterfeit products only begin to be an issue or a risk when Dj's start buying product from outside the official franchised distributors and are tempted by the lure of big savings from back street outlets or online websites which only carry mobile numbers, hotmail email addresses and no postal address information, and offer prices which are often too good to be true.

If you buy Denon from a Denon Dealer, Acme from an Acme Dealer...etc you'll never get stung in this way, and just like we often tell our own clients - pay the top rates to assure only the best, and you won't ever be disappointed with the resulting service.

Another issue with buying from outside of the UK using sites like Alibaba isn't only limited to the risk of counterfeit goods. Its also the small matter of the duty and vat which will get lumped on it by customs, and this can run well into three figures. In addition to that, most delivery agents like DHL and TNT will also add an 'admin' charge to the bill of around 25, to cover the cost of clearing the goods and dealing with customs on your behalf. Suddenly that 200 bargain from Hong Kong becomes a 300 millstone, and ends up being 30 more than the cost of it from the UK Dealer network. Of course if it goes wrong under warranty, it will probably cost you 70+ in freight just to send it back, and another set of customs charges when the replacement is sent

In Topic: Peavey Bass Bins

10 March 2011 - 09:24 PM

Hi and welcome to DJU Welcome.gif

There are some discussions on these from years gone by, which may be of some help to you in deciding? (Looks like there are about 6 pages worth)

If you click on the link below, it will take you to the search page, if you type in UL15 or Peavey UL15 in the top box and then select 'www.dj-forum.co.uk' it will fetch all of the posts and topics where these have been mentioned or discussed.

Click here to visit the Forum search engine

I'm sure that others will be along to give their advice on this thread too, but in the meantime, enjoy the read biggrin.gif

In Topic: The Music Game

04 March 2011 - 02:54 PM

Van Morrison - BROWN eyed girl

In Topic: Minimalistic Disco

04 March 2011 - 02:43 PM

Its up to the client to decide what they want in terms of Lighting, and is discussed accordingly !

I agree entirely, provided the client knows what they need. Often I find that they want to be advised by the experienced entity that they are talking to, or simply don't give a damn beyond those immortal words 'how much'

The danger of giving the client too much responsiblity in critical aspects of rigs, is that they will choose with their wallets rather than their experience or desires, and some clients inevitably end up choosing your cheaper 200w minimalistic set up, and then invite along 500 friends to the large town hall they've booked, and it will be you who looks unprofessional when your system can't cope.

Of course this is an extreme example, and can also be avoided, if like Jason, you avoid loading your fee based on what equipment / rig you use, however a lot of Dj's do still use the 'small' / 'standard' / 'premium' / 'Executive' style packages, each with different price tags. Of course, if a DJ uses this tiered approach then if the client, chooses your 'small' rig option and you know full well that it won't cope with their venue, then you'll need to go back and advise them to upgrade accordingly, but then the client may think you are trying to squeeze more cash out of them and charge a higher fee, so you really won't win that one!.

Personally, i'm happy to go with what the client requests, provided its a reasonable expectation and it will fit in the venue. But in the majority of cases I still find they are more than happy to leave it up to me when the subject is broached, and in these cases, I take the correct amount of lighting that is suitable for the venue size and the type of function, I also take a sound system that is highly flexible and has plenty of headroom, so that its not running full pelt even at a larger function. One reason why checking out the venue is a must.