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04 September 2012 - 03:19 PM

I had a fire alarm one at a hotel and whilst standing outside with the guests waiting for an hour for the fire brigade to give the all clear the bride asked me to go back in and start playing as the guests were getting bored, I did point out that NO ONE was allowed into the hotel till the fire brigade to give the all clear which she didn't understand.

She then told the hotel that i should play for an extra hour and a half as I hadn't done the full set and luckilly for me none of the staff wanted to stay until 2.30!


The Best man who came up onto the balcony I was Djing from and said "play YMCA, it will get people dancing" (at 7.45!)

I explained that as no one was actually in the hall yet and the bride and groom hadn't done the first dance it wouldn't do anything this early in the evening.

Queue a rant about how crap I was and that he had been doing it for years etc etc.

Every 10 minutes he came up and complained that I wasn't playing Blame it on the boogie/dancing queen/anything else that you have to be a little drunk for.

The room filled up and the groom was standing next to me talking about his first dance and up comes the best man to moan at me and him about me.

First dance done and the dancefloor has alot of people on it, up comes the best man to yet again complain that not everyone is dancing and to play this that and the other and how good he is and how crap I am.

By this point I was at breaking point to I picked up the mic, turned down the music and announced to the crowd that the gentleman standing next to me seems to know what he is doing so i am passing it over to him.

I put mic down and walked away leaving the best man on the balcony staring at the crowd whilst they shouted "go on dave"
With a look of fear on his face, he then asked me to come back and carry on and proceeded to run back down stairs.

10 minutes after the groom came and shook my hand for making his best man feel so stupid and told me i was doing a wonderful job.

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04 September 2012 - 02:40 PM

I absolutely love being able to search for a track/request, see if i've got it and load it in the space of a few seconds.

All of my tracks are on a hard drive as text so I use the laptop as a search engine for this reason, as well as "acquiring" the odd request that I haven't got using the hotels wifi.

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30 August 2012 - 03:13 PM

I got as far as upgrading to MP3/CD players with Ipod docking

Personally I won't go down the laptop route as I enjoy having 20 seconds left and nothing set up and the Player taking FOREVER to read a cd and the mp3 track coming out of one speaker or both depending on where I got it from.....


Perhaps I should get a laptop.......

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30 August 2012 - 03:10 PM

QUOTE(qcdiscodynamic @ Aug 23 2012, 12:32 AM) View Post

His version of 'Mr. Bojangles' is quite good but I prefer either Sammy Davis Jnr. or even Robbie Williams's versions.

You mentioned Robbie, That gets a Ehh Ehh noise from family fortunes!

He ruined that song (IMO)

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20 August 2012 - 11:43 AM

I think it was more I couldn't find it due to signal or search engine being stupid as I have since found it.

It was just the point that its impossible to carry EVERY piece of music from 50's to present unless you have HAL from space Oddessy as your backup.