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In Topic: It's Getting Harder

11 October 2013 - 03:51 PM

It's not just me then!?

I've had the same problem recently - I did a wedding at a lovely hotel in Hants and it went well until about 10pm when I was left with an almost empty dance floor.

There were some many young kids there that they all started to fall asleep at about 9 o'clock and thus by 10 the parents were taking them off to bed and not coming back.

The bride was pretty much on her own from then on!

I also did a 40th recently where the birthday girl had booked the venue until midnight. She wanted the last hour to be totally "club" orientated so I played lots of 90's house, which is what she wanted.

Guess what - everyone went home and again, she had the dancefloor to herself for the last 45 mins. Don't get me wrong, she had a lovely time but it was pretty unintersting for me, playing to just one drunken woman for an hour or so!

In Topic: Connecting Active/powered Speakers To Laptop And Mic Mixer

06 August 2013 - 07:17 AM

QUOTE(Kazzer1 @ Aug 5 2013, 08:58 PM) View Post


Ok so I'm not very technically minded I'm afraid.

How do I connect powered/active speakers to a mic mixer and my laptop?

If anyone has a wiring diagram I woud be greatful.

I've done my best on the other thread....

In Topic: Hi All

06 August 2013 - 07:14 AM

QUOTE(Kazzer1 @ Aug 5 2013, 09:16 PM) View Post

In the mean time, I have some sounlab powered/active speakers and an Alesis MultimixFX mixer in my posession to try out.

My question is how the heck do I connect the above mentioned and my laptop together?

Depends on the models involved.

However, at a guess, you need a cable to connect your laptop to the inputs of the mixer. If your laptop doesn't have a dedicated soundcard, you're probably looking at taking a cable from the headphone socket of the laptop. So that will be a 3.5mm stereo jack plug.
The "line in" inputs on the multimix are 6.35mm jack plugs, so by my reckoning you need something like this:


Then, I think you'll need 6.35mm jack to XLR cables to go from the "main mix out" sockets on the mixer to the speakers. Something like this:

http://www.amazon.co...ono jack to xlr

As I said though, without knowing the exact specs of your current gear, it's a bit difficult so I'm only hazarding a guess.
Always go with the best quality cables you can afford (the one's I've linked to are very cheap and basic and just to show you an example) and have spares! These guys are pretty good:

www.kablonline.com thumbsup.gif

In Topic: Hi All

05 August 2013 - 05:21 AM

I don't think people are anti Maplins as a rule. It's just that Maplins don't really offer particularly good value for money. If you're on a limited budget, buying second hand gear from eBay and Gumtree is tha way to go.

If you're charging people money for your services, you also need spare EVERYTHING. Not forgetting that you MUST get Public Liability Insurance - it's totally worth it for fifty odd quid a year.

In Topic: What Can I Add To My Pa To Give Echo To My Mic

02 August 2013 - 07:40 AM

QUOTE(nickh75 @ Jul 31 2013, 10:53 AM) View Post

hi folks i'm running a berhinger vmx1000 which has no echo effect, a crown xls402 power amp and wharfedale evpx15 loaded with jbl drivers an xovers
the sound is good loud and clear with a deep rich bass
the problem is I do karaoke and need an echo to make the singers sound a little better
can anyone recommend an echo effect I could add into one of the mic channels on the mixer



Depends how much you want to spend but for fifty or sixty quid, you should be able to pick up a used Alesis Midiverb effects unit which will give you all the echo/reverb/delay fx you'll ever need - and more.